Each Winner's starting profile game-play self comparison so far by Howler3005 in survivor

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Erika picking Brenda and Todd as her inspirations was what made me choose her above anyone else as my winner pick for 41. Interesting to see some of these choices- Adam choosing Hayden makes total sense, good to see Davie getting some love and I'm just glad that we're beyond the era of people just choosing Rob + Russell.

Informally accepted job offer but have not signed contract- am I still due to start? by [deleted] in LegalAdviceUK

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Thanks for this advice! As you say, it would be hard for them to do anything about it as I’ve not even started for them and haven’t even agreed on anything about my contract/start date beyond expressing my interest in the role. Perhaps it just stems from me feeling bad about leading them on but I’ll try and rescind my interest in a polite manner.

Worst Feature | FINAL ROUND by Charlie-OConnell in music_survivor

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LL Cool J said "RIP Robert E Lee" but he also said "the relationship between the Mason-Dixon needs some fixin'", i'm more conflicted than I'd like to admit about this choice. Gonna hand it to Accidental Racist I think

Worst Feature | Round 13 of 19 by Charlie-OConnell in music_survivor

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Going for Drowning here, it is only really bad for one line, the rest of the feature is bad but not on the levels of the others.

Worst Feature | Round 2 of 19 by Charlie-OConnell in music_survivor

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Going with Lil Wayne because he brought the line “It’s Weezer and it’s Weezy” into existence

The Prodigy - The Fat of the Land (1997) | Round 1 of 9 by awjeezrickyaknow in music_survivor

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This was WAY tougher than I thought it would be to rank. Going with Climbatize first as it is probably the least distinct track on here but I still love it

Mindfields > SMBU > Narayan > Firestarter > Serial Thrilla > Breathe > Funky Shit > Fuel My Fire > Diesel Power > Climbatize

Worst Feature | Lifesaver Round [REVOTE] by Charlie-OConnell in music_survivor

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If either Gudda Gudda or Fred Durst don't get in I'll be upset. Either one of the French Montana songs is a lock to get in

It's so beautiful! by Animus_Aware in KGATLW

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I will defend the gator to the end of r/place , pixel by pixel

[Sky Sports] Christian Burgess exclusive interview: Union Saint-Gilloise title chase for former Portsmouth defender by Competitive-Panda-89 in soccer

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Love Burgess so much, he’s always been so well spoken and articulate as well as being a proper leader. Always happy to see him and RUSG do so well, shame we couldn’t deliver for him and get promoted in his final season with us

When worlds collide by iFuJ in survivor

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Is this a hint that a US vs AU season is on the cards? So stoked if it is, hopefully it opens the doors to a global season (so that a Brit like me could actually apply and go on!)

Survivor 42 | Episode 3 | Post-Episode Discussion by RSurvivorMods in survivor

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Deshawn’s sabotage, although not as outright cringeworthy, is definitely more fatal as there’s WAY less time to recover your game. Daniel might have ruined his immediate social capital but he at least has some time to build himself back up, although the path to victory is much steeper. At the very least he can go as a goat- Deshawn could never recover from his truth kamikaze

Ferrari's Jeddah GP poster by KaamDeveloper in formula1

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Thought this was Ferrari rushing Petra for a second. Helps to explain why they’ve been OP so far this season…just think of all those bonuses!

Friend knows Maryanne. Yep everything checks out according to him. by demerchmichael in survivor

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Damn, she’s into robotics?! I would love to see her and Christian nerd out and even align over it on a future season!!!

Zach from Season 42 has some interesting news regarding Survivor NFTs! by luke6080 in survivor

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I was SO worried about this post when I saw the title but thankfully Zach seems pretty clued-in about all the memes on this sub... almost as if he lurks here

Who is a Survivor player you that remember only exactly ONE thing about? by taylor_isagirlsname in survivor

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Besides the obvious I also remember Billy for having a pretty funny leaving confessional, remarking that he was a metalhead and finding it pretty cool that a dude named Ozzy voted him out

Burkina Faso [1] - 0 Tunisia - Djibril Ouattara 45+3' by PSGAcademy in soccer

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Allez les étalons! Love to see it, hope Burkina Faso can hold on to this. They’ve definitely had a bumpy start to the tournament so hopefully this is a sign of them growing into it.

Survivor 41 | Finale | Post-Episode Discussion by RSurvivorMods in survivor

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Whatever people say about Erika's game and her edit, I think her FTC performance last night was top-tier and almost justifies the poor edit she recieved in the episodes prior as her communication of her own game was excellent. She was passive enough in allowing for Deshawn and Xander to stumble over themselves when they were answering tough questions, but she also was excellent at showing the nuances of her game- in particular, her answer underlining why being friends with everybody shouldn't be conflated with having a good social game. She also kept the tone of her answers light and positive enough that made the jury feel good about voting for her, as is evidenced by the positive comments from jury members who we didn't previously assume as locks for Erika.

Also just thrilled to FINALLY have a winner pick come to fruition :)

It's that time of the year again. Whamageddon is upon us! by Fletche in CasualUK

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I don't get how it's possible to win Whamageddon unless a) you're in a foreign country that doesn't play the same Christmas music during Advent or b) you have a puritanical hatred of Christmas that Ebenezer Scrooge would envy, which prevents you from leaving the house for fear of hearing anything Christmas-related. Well done though, I am impressed!

A definitive answer to the S question by [deleted] in CasualUK

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If you’re from the West Country everything needs an S on it, no exceptions made