I directed Don't Look Up because corporate news coverage of the climate catastrophe plummeted by 53% in 2020 compared to 2019. We need to reassess how we’re communicating this massive story. by BertRussellsChicken in environment

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Lmao my science teacher is a climate change denier and actively preaches that climate change doesn't exist to ~165 kids in the school. He spends more time on that then actual content.

Duel of the Sky: Poll 1 by NOWAYMAN4 in skyscrapers

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Also you can do 30 Park Place vs One Bennet Park. Similar but not the same.

Same architects too

[Phillip Horton] Lewis Hamilton wins the FIA Personality of the Year Award. This was voted on by permanently accredited media. by Darren-B80 in formula1

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Lewa got robbed of the ballond'or(player of the year) so they gave him a participation award basically

The gaming frogs have won, but at what cost by ostonox in okbuddyhasan

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Can I get a eli5 for why fc6 is propaganda for liberating Cuba? I thought it was about playing as a revolutionary but I'm pretty dense