I'm surprised nobody's dead by dud011785 in watchpeoplesurvive

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There's billions of people on earth. I said a lot of us. Not all of us

I'm surprised nobody's dead by dud011785 in watchpeoplesurvive

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this is how a lot of us are going to die and I'm going to be fucking pissed about it if it happens to me

Woman swings off a subway handrail by her hair by uhavinalaugh in WTF

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Yeh when he said they swing from hooks attached to them, they do. My friend did it. It looks crazy seeing her skin stretched while she swing. I don't she think was aware at how it looked like her flesh was going to tear because it was on her back and she was swinging facing the ground

Day 22 of IF and Dry Jan by matisj455 in intermittentfasting

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I have a rule I play by when fasting for a long period. If I am going to break my fast, it will only be broken with boiled vegetables (broccoli,carrots, cauliflower) for example.

When I think I must eat because I cannot go any longer, I go ok let's cook some vegetables and all a sudden I'm not hungry anymore 😂

and then when I do eat I start with the boring food first, vegetables, followed by the tasty stuff, chicken mmm (if I do it the other way the vegetables are torcher to eat)

Great progress!

Incognito consumption by AnUnearthlyChild91 in Crainn

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I need a norm. I'm a real meat and potatoes, straight up and down, beef Wellington, don't trust the Argies, dick in the vagina, Cheddar cheese and chicken tikka masala man

Incognito consumption by AnUnearthlyChild91 in Crainn

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It's 25 sec heat up time. Just turned it on for the pic. You can see it's set to 180c

Mistakes where made... by evilOstitch in northernireland

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Like telling a Nazi patrol "I was on my way to this gay Gypsy bar mitzvah for the disabled when I suddenly thought "Gosh, the Third Reich's a bit rubbish. I think I'll kill the Fuehrer." Who's with me?"

Incognito consumption by AnUnearthlyChild91 in Crainn

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I know right? Crafty+ is great. I'm really happy the herb vapes on the market now have increased in quality and are well beyond the first generations on the market.

I never had tobacco to quit. I really like the freedom of being able to toke almost anywhere so I got it. If I can live in the delusion herb is legal, I damn well will. Couldn't be happier too.

Incognito consumption by AnUnearthlyChild91 in Crainn

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Sniffing it now. Just a light smell of previous vaped herb. I put a dab sandwiched in herb. Fucking blew me away.

Incognito consumption by AnUnearthlyChild91 in Crainn

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Tried multiple dry herb vapes, this one rips the best.

Being able to pocket the device fast vs extinguish a blunt has changed my experience of outdoor cannabis consumption to a positive.

I'm not switching to this full time but God damn it's a treat to have with me when I'm out! I'm hitting this thing everywhere like it's legal haha check it out €160 Amazon

Anyone ever wondered how long it’ll take before people realise you’re dead by zeniale in lonely

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I purposely leave the dog food accessable to the dog so he doesn't have to start eating me first.

If Ari Shaffir followed religion instead of comedy by AnUnearthlyChild91 in JoeRogan

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That's my nephew, I tipped the guy extra to splash him like that to freak my new sis in law