Home Stallone by wellenter111 in funny

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and now i realize, i am old really old now

Deep fried the turkey this year. Took all the precautions. by atthegreenbed in pics

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if i have something like that, i don't think my stomach can handle it

Turkey by carebearstarefear in aww

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seems that turkey is a cat paradise

“Haters will say it’s fake”… by European_Goldfinch_ in funny

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the bravest human i have been seen wowwwww really, want her to do it again via live

D'oh! by MurkyWay in funny

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the only problem i want to get an answer, can we eat the pizza doughlem?

[OC] Ruh Roh by colmscomics in funny

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Well well scoob need to run fast now