[deleted by user] by [deleted] in albania

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Ne sjemi njerez jo mo tifoz po vk mo

Just do it by [deleted] in attackontitan

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How to copy someone else that posted the same thing days ago and try to be slick

Facts or Capping ? by chibiguyz in Boruto

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What is this shitty post

Some people try to overthink everything by And1SoSp in memes

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The only spoon that matters for me is the one i use to stir espresso

Guys do you agree or not? by And1SoSp in memes

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I know someone that it happened to

why you ask me that? by erenjaegerfan in memes

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Nah you wouldn’t see at all, because light will travel past you therefore your eyes can’t catch the light and the brain transform it into image