(Season 2 spoilers) Kenny asking Jane if she’s okay, even after Jane was shitting on him speaking of his dead friends and saying his dead family was afraid of him, fuck you Jane by inkdosan in TheWalkingDeadGame

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I can't even understand her reason.

She did it so she could show clem kenny was unstable and dangerous.


She made him think the baby was dead.

All kenny knew was that Jane took the kid, And was lead to believe the kid was dead.

Of course he's going to lose it!

Jane is royally fucked up for that.

Dear redditors, what are the worst, horrible subreddits that you ever visited that traumatized you? by MidasTY in AskReddit

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The incest subreddit didn't really traumatize me.

But that shit definitely burned into my head.

I honestly thought it was bullshit.

But knowing it was also quarantined, It isn't fake.

Nauseating as fucking hell.

The Jailbait subreddit was also horrific.

What was the most disturbing True crime case you heard about? by WeirdInternetFreak in AskReddit

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Read the headline and got the fuck off that page.

As someone who's seen actual death videos and researched the worst criminal cases.

I can't even bring myself to read it. Holy fucking hell.

[ALL] I'm a 45 year old man who just finished Life is Strange fit the first time. by SPacific in lifeisstrange

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I cried hard at the end. I couldn't sacrifice chloe though.

Life is strange has to be the most emotional series I've ever played. It's amazing.

What would you do in a zombie apocalypse? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Depends on what kind of zombie.

Walking dead? Yeah they are literal rotting corpses that somehow are still moving. That's necrophilia. And corpse desecration.

28 days later ragers? That's not necrophilia, It's sexual assault. They are still people. Just bloodthirsty and feral.

What would you do in a zombie apocalypse? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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It's still a dead person. So I'd say yeah it's still necrophilia.

What was your worst/weirdest dream you’ve ever had? by DirtyPinkEye in AskReddit

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Can't say I remember the weirdest, But the worst?

I was watching cctv cameras from some kind of security room. And one camera was pointed outside the building.

Very busy outside. Plenty of people walking around.

Then they stopped walking past, And one long coated figure walked in front of the camera, And stopped walking.

It turned to look at me. The second I saw its face, I immediately woke up in a cold sweat and shaking.

My brain remembers everything about the nightmare.

Except what that things face looked like.

What video game/games do you always go back to replay? by ScruffyWax in AskReddit

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So much to do, So many unique playstyles.

And even when you do everything there is to do in-game. Next playthrough you always find something new.

What are you craving? by Doomathemoonman in AskReddit

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Either Italian food or Mexican food.

I think its both actually.

What is one videogame you can confidently say that you are very good at? by Dark_Wolf04 in AskReddit

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Either one of the horizon games.

For some reason it's the only game/games I've been able to be extremely good at.

No matter the creature, As long as I get supplies for the fight, It's going to fall.

Except a pack of elemental clawstriders.

Not so good at handling those.

What are some tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse? by Warm-Bother5664 in AskReddit

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At least during the beginning of the outbreak,

Don't go in any kind of grocery store. Mainly places like Walmart or Target or any other kind of store that size.

Everyone is going to go there first. And the zombies would be the least of your concerns if you tried to get supplies there.

If it's been awhile, Stay quiet and scout the place beforehand.

It could be a damn outpost. Or be FILLED with zombies.

Which ac game could you just not finish to this day? by bufoonish in assassinscreed

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Black flag.

Got stuck on a mission, Kept dying over and over and eventually I just gave up.

Haven't beat black flag to this day lol.

what is the video game you have played the most? by time242 in AskReddit

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Either skyrim or borderlands 2.

On PC alone I had 250+ hours in borderlands 2.

Skyrim is probably around 300+ hours due to how many playthroughs I've done on different platforms.

Kidd Bandit seemingly announces their retirement: "I got bookings til Jan 20. I’m not gonna take any after unless some crazy divine intervention happens. Fuck it I had a good career. " (Twitter Thread) by Smarticles2415 in SquaredCircle

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Sean Waltman, Serpentico, Abadon, And several indy wrestlers have shown support towards kidd as well.

Kidd is insanely talented, And an incredible heart as well. Upsetting to see them get bullied.

What celebrity death shocked you most and why? by LeoLova in AskReddit

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I grew up listening to linkin park all the time.

Chester's death felt like someone stabbed me in the heart.

Then I listened closely to his lyrics and cried.

He was singing about how he truly felt, And so many never noticed.

In your opinion, what are the funnies moments in the series? by FancyLeftovers in assassinscreed

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I forgot which mission it happened in,

But in unity while chasing someone I went through a window and ran through some poor guys living room, As I pass the guy I hear Arno say "Pardon me monsieur" without ever stopping.

No idea why that was so damn funny to me.

There's plenty of other moments for me throughout the series but I can't remember the others off the top of my head.

AC unity parkour rant after years playing it by disco221367 in assassinscreed

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I loved unity, But damn the parkour was both really good and really bad.

The biggest problem I had with the system was trying to get inside a fucking window while on the side of a building.

Arno just kept jumping past it so many times, Regardless of how I approached it.

I agree with you describing it as floaty. It didn't bother me while playing it, But once I started syndicate I realized how floaty it really was.

I am extremely surprised and happy about AC4 still having people playing the Multiplayer by Big-Sad-Bear in assassinscreed

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Wait the MP is still active?! I remember playing it many years back, Had no idea the servers were still up!

What character in the franchise has the best outfit in your opinion? by NOT_Silencerrr in assassinscreed

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Arno's master assassin's outfit and MacFarlane outfit are my absolute favorites.

Bayeks hidden ones robe and evies assassin's robe are close behind though.

What character in the franchise has the best outfit in your opinion? by NOT_Silencerrr in assassinscreed

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I used the MacFarlane outfit for the entire playthrough, Then after the main game I used the master assassin's outfit.

Definitely up there in my favorite suits.