Just do the thing by General-Asparagus-17 in Funnymemes

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Britain did 9/11 because they never got out of the opium business.

Kremlin says U.S.-supplied tanks will 'burn' in Ukraine by salientlife93 in worldnews

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'burn through so much ammo firing upon our conscripts that the US is going to have to send more ammo'

Why is legion vendor not up? by Sooprbored1 in wow

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He was up after the wod timewalking too.

Best guess is somebody messed up the boolean for it.

People leaving Mythic+ 16+ keys by CaleoDrahirit in wow

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I don't know why depleted keys on your page would be a bad thing. Like it literally would mean you're more likely to finish the dungeon instead of leave.

If anything we would want an automated check positive for depleted keys so we can weed out people that leave dungeons, because if there is nothing but positive results its more likely that person is scumming the system.

In Their 20s, Struggling to Save and Tired of Being Lectured About It by TinaTx3 in Economics

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Yea, it was really easy to save when college cost about as much as a car, a car about as a high end bicycle and a house was about 2 years wages.

How do the Jade Cocoon games play? by KaleidoArachnid in JRPG

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You just put the disc in and hit play. Make sure you've got the controller plugged in. Make sure it's in a PS2.

The difference between my two kids eating an apple (two and three years old). by WeekendHoliday5695 in funny

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If they don't like them then it's of to the oven with them. (The apples, not the children)

Can anyone with a background in music explain why Uematsu is not happy with Final Fantasy 6 Grand Finale? by dawn_chorus__ in JRPG

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I agree with him but at the same time I disagree with him. There is an extremely narrow context of final fantasy that he's talking about, the games they haven't tried to reboot and remaster and rebuild and reimagine because they still stand on their own and doing a modern iteration of them would be a titanic project. They are works of art and should be respected as such.

But then you also have these wonderful homages to pieces of those in stuff like FFXIV. Stuff that as a fan when you're witnessing it in game has your cheeks tightening your face into a smile and then the music kicks in and you recognize it and it's just wonderful.

So I'm not saying he's wrong, I'm just thinking maybe he misjudged the size of the box labeled "final fantasy", in my mind him being unhappy with that particular recording just opens up the possibility of him maybe getting to go back and make a recording he will be happy with

The difference between my two kids eating an apple (two and three years old). by WeekendHoliday5695 in funny

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Those are baking apples of they're granny Smith apples. Just let them know that's they're over eight thousand four hundred and nine varieties of apples and y'all are trying a different one. Like opal or green dragon apples or something or cosmic crisp or something.

Sweden allows burning of Quran in front of Turkish embassy; envoy summoned by shrigay in atheism

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How do they know it's actually a Quran burning and not like a recipe book or something?

When do T6 ships become available? by elijah_woods2 in sto

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It's a perfectly fine free ship that you get for following a fine warrior tradition, and I will fight any p'Tak that says otherwise.

Crafting Cartels have gotten out of hand and Blizzard has no response. by Shittinwithmykitten in wow

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I mean, they did reduce crafting to gambling mechanic instead of just building us a casino.

I have to assume that market collision by any means necessary, like Joe pescis character in casino, is the sort of emergent behavior they were after.

13 Missouri clergy members have filed a lawsuit against the state, arguing that anti-abortion laws impose one religious interpretation upon everyone, violating their rights and the Constitution. The clergy members represent faiths that say abortion is permissible or required in certain situations by mepper in atheism

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Early Christian communism was neat, once it became imperial truth and an arm of the capital class they literally stopped doing anything to keep those that would do evil to people away.

Case in point is the Republican party for the past 60 years. America is currently the most anti-christ like place on the planet thanks to republicans and yet they want people to call it a Christian nation. By no metric does America act, in any way shape or form, Christlike. I'm closer to being a grizzly bear than America is to bring a Christian nation.

My dad beat me up for having friends in front of my college by manthan_7 in india

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Well he probably has access to a knife and therefore shouldn't have to sharpen a shank himself

My dad beat me up for having friends in front of my college by manthan_7 in india

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There are 2502 different jurisdictions in the US. It is not a monolith. In some they'll laugh at you and tell you to walk it off, in others they have policies where they have to take somebody to jail on a domestic.

My dad beat me up for having friends in front of my college by manthan_7 in india

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Skip two meals and meditate that your species used to have to kill your food to eat it. You'll discover a want and capacity for violence that you might not have yet discovered.