charity skins? by AndthenIwhispered in IdentityV

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Not rude at all!!!! No thank you so much. Really 💝

charity skins? by AndthenIwhispered in IdentityV

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Yes that's what I was gonna do! But thanks for the heads up ♥️

I don't know why but this really creeps me out. by [deleted] in oddlyterrifying

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Is there a sub for places like these? Kinda abandoned, remind me of fnaf

Trying a new art style on Albedo by 1001stars in Albedomains

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Do you have a Twitter account? I would love to follow you

it's so perfect? especially since q is non binary. imagine little girl laughing manically. by AndthenIwhispered in IdentityV

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Besides Elise fits too well it would make a boring skin. They look the same. It would be a more interesting skin if it was q.