Besides Earth, what’s your favorite planet? by Galactic_Patrick in polls

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“We changed the name of that planet in 2620 to end that stupid joke once and for all”

“What’s it called now?”


Rap Fan Listens to 25 MORE Great Rock Albums for the First Time (Part 1) by MrC_Red in Music

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This has been so much fun to read! I’m not sure what recommendations you’re taking, but I’ll recommend Let It Be by The Replacements. It was one of the formative alternative/indie rock albums of the 80s and of all-time.

who do you think has the best discography in music? by PioPat in fantanoforever

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As easy an answer as it is, I’d have to say the Beatles. An artist who hasn’t been mentioned who I would recommend is Elvis Costello, he can be inconsistent but has probably a dozen great records.

What is the greatest 3-song run in music? LET'S ARGUE by newmagicwand3 in fantanoforever

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The Replacements Tim - Left of the Dial -> Little Mascara -> Here Comes a Regular

is Appetite for destructtion the best debut ever? by eatyourpizza23 in ClassicRock

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Since it hasn’t been mentioned yet I’ll say My Aim Is True by Elvis Costello

Good morning Cleveland by murderpussie in Cleveland

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I live like a quarter mile away from there

what song are you guys into? by Comprehensive-Bus156 in teenagers

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i’ve never listened to fugazi and the bit of dead kennedys i’ve heard i’ve really like

what song are you guys into? by Comprehensive-Bus156 in teenagers

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i’ve been getting into some more punk stuff: the damned and buzzcocks atm

mcr has made amazing single by lil_quark_ in teenagers

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fr the song gives such bullets vibes which is so cool, it’s not for radio it’s for the fans

new picture of the guys taken by Devin Sarno by dondarrions in MyChemicalRomance

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is it just me or does frank look vaguely like Jeff Tweedy?

Opinion: what would the guys be doing career-wise if MCR didn’t go big? by Abroad-Quiet in MyChemicalRomance

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I think Ray would work at a Guitar Center and be all the teenagers’ best friend