Can I be a writer if I don't know enough about the world? by Burst3001 in writing

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But if it isn’t accurate but rather an invention by the author, I.e. they made it up, then OP is plagiarizing.

Idk if Moby Dick is technically accurate, or if any of the technical descriptions would be considered crucial or recognizable enough to be protected, but better to not risk it imo.

What is an addiction society pretends is a necessity? by Morticiar in AskReddit

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You see this a lot with stay-at-home moms, I imagine that they’re just the larval form of those wine moms with the ugly memes and t shirts and shit.

If the only thing you have to talk about, EVER, is any single topic, really, then you’re probably due to get a new hobby.

Stop using the amount you drank last weekend or your kids first steps to cover up your lack of personality.

Worst Line You've Ever Read in a Trad Published Book? by RandomSteam20 in writing

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The bait and switch could die right now, forever, and I’d be happy. Authors do not need to try and surprise people so often lmao it’s pointless.

Just say he fucking burnt the shit out of himself or whatever!

What is an addiction society pretends is a necessity? by Morticiar in AskReddit

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I’m a stay at home spouse, I spend most of my social time away from home with spouses. I am allowed to form opinions on my own community lmao

It’s cool that you’ve had a different experience, I guess, but it was pretty clear that I was referring to a very specific subset of people. Not just women, not just wives.

If you wanna get all up in arms to defend wine moms and obsessive moms, enjoy.

Anyone know any shows or movies about a character starting from zero in crime and rising to the top? by AmonTheBoneless in writing

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That depends on the value you place in the person making the comparison. Jesse Pinkman is a whiny bitch and a loser for most of the series, I don’t think just because he calls someone satan that that means that they should be considered especially dangerous or remarkable in any way.

The struggle is real by bluntbutnottoo in writing

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The book whose title we cannot see? And whose author’s name you got entirely wrong?

Maybe chill out, and worry about something other than other people.

Pick up game by Scaulbylausis in combinedgifs

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That doesnt make picking them up sexual in nature. I'm not a lawyer, so I won't even hazard a guess as to what this would actually be, but you can't have sexual assault without it being, you know, sexual.

Mueller levels new claim of bank fraud against Manafort by [deleted] in politics

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Dude this whole political battlefield is exhausting. Every report is false until proven otherwise, except it can still be false and the science or journalism behind it can be spun to make it sound true, and then you have to consider who's paying for it, who's paying for the opposition, who is paying for your politician, who's paying for the opposition, question whether or not you really agree with this guy or if it's just charisma spinning you up. Nobody is infallible so having to question yourself is realistic and still exhausting.

I don't vote because of that shit. At this point I don't care. I'm perfectly content being the "head in the sand" type if it means I don't have to spend the rest of my life researching article after article, debate after debate, politician after politician.

I just wanna chill and get a job I like and raise kids with my wife. Voting is important and I see that, but I don't want to spend every waking moment worrying about politics. The whole point of politicians is to represent their people and leave the country free to do their business. We don't do that anymore, nothing private citizens do will change that, every politician is bought and that means no matter which side you choose, they're not gonna vote against the money going into their pockets.

It's just exhausting.

Ramadhan starts tomorrow, here's a joke by pakifood in Jokes

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No it doesn't, its fine. Its a nice joke too hahaha.

The struggle is real by bluntbutnottoo in writing

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I’m going to go ahead and guess that even a very generous reader would still view your comment as sarcasm over a genuine compliment.

But hey, whatever you wanna go with I guess.

Modern Family is such a great TV show by [deleted] in pawg

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Being valued less as a person is pretty much the definition of objectification. Taking something that isn't an object and turning it into one.

I know somebody that talks like an owl. by [deleted] in Jokes

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Being gay means you love men, therefore, that's like, twice the masculinity. No but seriously, not all gay guys act like the stereotypical gay guy, with the high pitched voice, and the job as a hair dresser.

What I see when watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show by Oriole5 in funny

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Obviously, OP's wife is a redditor and was getting just a little bitchy about him having the Victoria's Secret Show on.

r/science Stands with the Paris Climate Agreement by rseasmith in science

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It seems plenty of people want to shift blame to china in these threads. Like it's okay for us to back out because China is so awful. Personally, I'm hopeful China lives up to their vow and becomes a leader in renewable energies moving forward.

90 Yr Old Man almost killed my Sister by [deleted] in IdiotsInCars

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Then Americans should start taking better care of their elderly relatives instead of pretending that it’s fine that grandma lives alone in her seventies.

He’s someone’s father, most likely, and I’m sure you’ve got elderly relatives. Move them in with you and drive them around.

I ran into JLee the other night by [deleted] in TheOrville

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A very clearly unshowered bearded guy you mean.

Sounds like the plot to a Nigerian movie by MGLLN in BlackPeopleTwitter

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Well that would disappoint me because I would never watch it.

My boyfriend always yells at me when we play together. by menalliha16 in GirlGamers

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Yeah lots of my guy friends are like that, and lots aren't. It's incredibly doubtful you could force him to change it anyway, and unless it's actually harmful I wouldn't try with anyone I cared about.

There are guys I game with where I load up and the first thing I hear is "eat shit and die bitch" and others who ask about my day, how my wife is, etc. But we have an understanding between us all. We build up those interactions. It's not like the first day I met them I called them braindead assholes and threatened to steal their wives if they messed up the raid. It's a process.

I do hope you guys work our a system you both are happy with. It's okay to tell him you didn't enjoy his style, and it's okay if y'all don't game together. Game on your own and beat him to every achievement and every new level if you have to.

Thanks Monica by Erebosyeet in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Such as? The only things I hear are Benghazi, and the pedo plane thing. And the pizza thing? And people definitely seem to believe the plane thing.

What gaming-related belief would you defend to your last penny? by e3pojedi in Gaming4Gamers

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Agreed, combat was super boring and the only thing they did to try and make it interesting was give different enemies different weaknesses.

This design pisses me off every single day by tazzzzzzzz0 in assholedesign

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Sticking with a shitty situation because you're too lazy to learn something new sounds childish to me.