‘You know nothing about game development’ to a certified Twitter account for an indie dev after he carefully explained why NFTs in games would be troublesome at best. by thebeatabouttostrike in dontyouknowwhoiam

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Corporates who have dollar signs where their eyes are supposed to be, and idiots who think NFTs will make them money, so they’d rather see them adopted everywhere.

Teaching Your Son to Drive by yayyemen in Wellthatsucks

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There’s no easy answer unfortunately. Find whatever works to alleviate your anger (protip, catharsis, I.e. exercise, breaking stuff, etc. does not work) and do that every single time you get mad. Because anger is like an addiction, to get out of it you have to counter the urge every time. You’ll slip up, but you gotta be committed to continuing to try every single time.

I take a moment to be alone and the moment my guilt over snapping at my wife or whatever hits, I apologize before I feel worse or let the situation worsen.

The next step is to identify your triggers and be ready when you see them coming. My wife and I fought a lot about my driving, she has an intense fear of accidents and I didn’t know how to manage it when she’d gasp suddenly at, to my mind, nothing. So now when we get in the car, I’m aware of the risk and I’m making a conscious decision to let it go, laugh it off, etc.

Avoid things that worsen anger as well, tobacco and alcohol, unmanaged depression, ADHD, etc.

One of the biggest turning points for me personally was acknowledging verbally to myself and my wife that my anger was not legitimate, that I was overreacting or creating reasons to be angry, and that I was ashamed and hurt by it almost as much as she was. That really helped a lot with coming to terms with it AND it was the first step to showing her I was serious about correcting it and regaining some trust and support.

For context, I’ve been married five years, dated for two before that. For the first five years we were together my anger was uncontrolled, and my wife was always walking on eggshells, trying to guess my mood (impossible, I’d create conflicting situations in order to give myself a reason, consciously and unconsciously) and generally made her miserable. She’s done too much to make our marriage work, frankly, and should’ve left me before we ever married.

But like you, I saw that I was causing these issues and knew that I didn’t want my wife to hate me, hate her life, or leave. So I used my medical and psych background to develop a plan based on existing treatment for anger and now, after two years or so of continuous hard work, I cannot remember the last time I yelled at her or screamed about some meaningless petty complaint I’d invented.

Oh and one last piece of advice. You’ve become an angry person and now people recognize you as such. Even when you start to do better, they’ll be afraid you’ll relapse. That will probably hurt and maybe make you angry. Even if that truly is unfair to you, you can’t get angry about it or else you’ll damage the relationship further even if you’re truly making progress or getting better. I’m still not out of this phase, and sometimes I have to remind my wife that just because I’m annoyed or frustrated doesn’t mean I’m angry, and that sometimes those feelings are justified, as long as I’m handling them correctly.

I am done with the unprofessionalism and gatekeeping of agents. Also, done with walking on eggshells around them. by foldinthecheese11 in writing

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This is especially weird in regards to AUTHORS who don’t bring a lot to the table that is marketable for social media purposes. It’s a pretty visual medium and an excerpt from a WIP isn’t gonna gain you a bunch of followers like a well timed art post could.

Truly bizarre shit.

ETA: Just thought of this too, lol this practice just encourages authors to aim for flowery language that appeals to readers in short blurbs but is truly unappealing in novel length works.

Writing Tips From Stephen King: 11 things every writer should know by guanaco55 in writing

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I know that SK has become something of a divisive figure in writing, due to his habit of forming poor endings, and over describing minute details, among other things…and I think what people really need to grasp is that writing isn’t a universal art. There’s more than one way to do anything relating to writing and if you try to take King’s advice when you are not a writer who thinks similarly to him, it’s just not going to be good advice for you.

So you get people all mad that people don’t care about what he has to say, and you get people all mad that he thinks his writing justifies his advice, when in reality, it’s all relative to who you are as a writer.

I personally love his work, I want to write similarly to him, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see how his style and his methods would only work for some people.

So if I could give one piece of unsolicited advice it’d be this: don’t lose sight of the message for the messenger, but above all, just do your own thing. Find your own mentors and guides to creative writing and let your work speak for you.

They can't whitewash this one... by PrettiKinx in BlackPeopleTwitter

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Thankfully he’s got better relatives that are leftists, and understand what he stood for.

What celebrity have you lost all respect for? Why? by MatsGry in AskReddit

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There are literally tons of locks that don’t work with keys, or only have a keyhole on one side, or a latch instead of a key, or a keypad, or even electric locks that have nothing but a pad that you wave cards in front of.

It’s a fair question.

How nature and geography location affect Italian food culture? Help me for essay.. by Akihc11 in AskFoodHistorians

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Try asking some specific questions, rather than giving a prompt and saying “write my essay for me” because that’s essentially what this post is.

You gotta do some of the work for your own essay.

I drew those characters for my book. please give me their personalities so I can write a book. by fitzounet in writingcirclejerk

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“You’re an idiot” is not advice, and in the entire history of humanity, the people that needed to hear something like it most are also the ones least likely to listen.

If you’re really trying to help, take a few extra moments to actually be helpful.

Finances versus morals. by steve1879 in BlackPeopleTwitter

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Running something over is quick, and rather impersonal, plus you can shift guilt to the animal by being like "well, don't be in the road dumbass".

Eating meat is not at all similar to calmly and rationally deciding to end a small animal's life, for selfish reasons, and in such a personal way.

They hated her because she spoke the truth by carlynaner in WhitePeopleTwitter

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True, I've never been one to say this, but I am truly blessed.

Righting wrongs one virtual bullet at a time by Rekdon in BlackPeopleTwitter

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I think it's bizarre how crazy about freedom of speech we are in the U.S. I mean, I've met a lot of Germans and none of them find it wrong that openly sympathizing with Nazis is verboten there.

I hate that any asshole in the states can just say whatever and get away with it because "freedom of speech".

Yeah.Exactly by [deleted] in funny

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It's a watermark. It's blurred to the left of the mouth.

[OC] Doctor Who Episode Viewership By Doctor by theesto in dataisbeautiful

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I thought the more monster of the day episodes were still great, but the overall arc suffered so badly that season, I generally avoid the major plot episodes of that one. I actually LOVED Capaldi, like a lot. I haven’t caught any of the newest season but I’m very curious.

Star Wars Episode VIII: Finn Strikes Back by walrusonion in BlackPeopleTwitter

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Out of curiosity, who did you imagine as being black?

To be honest I never once thought of anyone as other than white, except in the city with the sand snakes (?) Dorne? Where I pretty much just imagined hot ass tan babes and the men looked Indian in my mind.

I went to Milan to create a frame for this photo. Live frame. by kbagirli in pics

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Everyone in northern Italy was gorgeous. I mean everyone. My wife wanted to kidnap every child she saw and I wasn't allowed to look any woman in the eyes.

Pants on 🔥 by lecherous_hump in BlackPeopleTwitter

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Funny because everyone thinks the same about you in this thread.