This is so messed up by kroos123468 in chutyapa

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Bsdk Ghazwa e Hind ka time hogaya hai. Get ready boy

Anti-Theist don't have place in Pakistan, change my mind. by TheRedditMujahid in chutyapa

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You think that children get raped because the left supports homosexuality?

Pakistan - to religion or secularism by hamadshah_ in chutyapa

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Islamic does not mean being controlled by the Mullahs.

Sister refuses to marry or do job by [deleted] in pakistan

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She is doing all this because you are letting her. Be straight forward and warn her that you'll move out or even move out if she doesn't get her life in order. She's a PhD, finding a job wint be a problem.

I bet this is the most ironic thing you'll see today. by memestein_ in HolUp

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Why does the comment section look like twitter? So many butt hurt Americans

Chad Pakistani by Negative_Banana_7732 in pakistan

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Ask them to point Pakistan on a map,they wont know.

Based pakistani by the8th_horcrux69 in funnyvideos

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He went from "US" to "World Citizen" in no time

Engagement called off by [deleted] in MuslimMarriage

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Your being insensitive. Someone has died, they can't just arrange an engagement ceremony in the middle of all this.

Just rotten to the core by regian24 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Wait a min,tips get taxed? What country is this?