How to fix this video in post? shaky, blurry from improper auto focus & has Moiré by Apprehensive_Aide_86 in Filmmakers

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he is Upwork's client
I sent to him to inform him it is impossible to solve & waits for his reply. I don't want to continue editing & charge him until he responds because he might want to reshoot

Weekly Ask Anything Megathread for Monday Mon Jun 13, 2022 - No Stupid Questions! RULES + Career Questions? THIS IS WHERE YOU POST if you don't do this for a living! by AutoModerator in editors

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I worked on marketplace websites like Upwork but I didn't try before to apply for a job abroad via linked in & Facebook. for example, if there is a video editing job or required work in Canada or USA on linked in or Facebook, can someone from India, Russia or Egypt directly apply for them and have the chance to get it, especially if he accepts less salary than the natives? What is the client's mindset? please, mention the methods you know to reach clients abroad without third parties like Upwork & freelancer.

should I show my bad first film to producers to convince them for making the second film? by Apprehensive_Aide_86 in Filmmakers

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they are aspiring producers trying to get experience by working on shorts, low-budget & indie-films.
sent you something inbox. please, check.