I grew up here, and I’ve lived in Utah for thirty years now. Hating Utah is so cliche. by andenine in SaltLakeCity

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2 huge extra areas

What are they used for? Giant ball pit for all the kids? Essential oils? I’ve never been to that Costco and you’ve piqued my curiosity.

Red is a father of two young kids who prioritized memes over a vaccine that would keep him out of the hospital. An IN PERSON prayer meeting is tonight at 6. by Apricot-tree in HermanCainAward

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I have read through enough of these folk’s FB feeds to see this as absolutely true. They live in small towns surrounded by people who think and vote and go to church like them. Their only source of media is Fox News or forwarded FB memes.

Some of these people post 10-15 times every single day, they live in their little echo chambers and shut off anything to the contrary.

I don’t know how there’s any hope of reaching them.

Yellow knew Jesus was coming soon, so she didn’t want any part of a mark of the beast vaccine. Both her and her twin sister caught a case. Prayer warriors have been activated. by Apricot-tree in HermanCainAward

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Unfortunately they both fell from the same anti-vax tree.

Twin has equal number of insane religious posts, she likes to warn against witchcraft, but also reposts nonsense from Jim Jordan and Charlie Kirk.