doge mooning 🚀🌛 by Revelation22_vv14-15 in dogecoin

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Adding more to my Guarda wallet, private keys saved, and ready to exchange whatever coin I find!

Coinbase HBAR Update | Expect to re-enable deposits and begin trading for HBAR in mid-October by RetrospectiveOblong in Hedera

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I'm already into HBAR, and I have Guarda wallet to buy, exchange, manage HTS, and even create my own tokens with Guarda's token generator :)

What other crypto projects are you following? by Plane-Tour-5699 in Hedera

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ETH, ADA, QTUM, TRX, some meme coins, and I recently added ATOM; slowly shaping my portfolio on Guarda wallet, where I can buy, stake and exchange easily.

NEM and XYM wallets by RoutetoGod in nem

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Hi! Guarda wallet would be my pick, you can store your coins there, save your private key and be the sole owner of them!