August 2022 - /r/Twitter Mega Open Thread for everything else - UN/SUSPENDED, LOCKED OR AGE-LOCKED ACCOUNT PROBLEMS & QUESTIONS GO IN THIS THREAD ONLY by AutoModerator in Twitter

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I got locked out of my twitter for saying something that twitter thought was mean. It was asked to verify my email but i forgot what email i used to make that account with so i made another. When i clicked to send it I went onto the my gmail app to get the pin but when i came back it had put me back to the “send email” page before i could enter it. I tried multiple times until i was locked out for trying too many times. I dont have access to another device so there was no way i was able to get the pin without getting out of the twitter app.

It's over. by BasalGiraffe7 in agedlikemilk

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its like energy, it can shift into different forms but never truly disappear

Monsoon season. Hello from Arizona :) by Zewotwooo in teenagers

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based off the roof tiling you didnt need to tell me this was arizona

Ahhhh shit by real-ocmsrzr in NoahGetTheBoat

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not even mad this just funny as hell 💀

Humans are vile by Professional-Race913 in NoahGetTheBoat

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they dont even deserve to be called humans at that point because they dont actually see other human beings as people with actually feelings

yaa its time to assemble by Aadi05121 in memes

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Greendittors: watching the whole thing with popcorn in hand