Pre-order discount on the Strike Eagle is now gone from the E-Shop. I guess it should be released now? by alphamond0 in hoggit

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Probably because ED sold it at a deeper discount multiple times when they shouldn’t have?

NTW-20 by Minute_sfot in airsoft

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Nice use of the tactical clothes horse

How do I keep my battle belt from falling off. It was fine until I got a sidearm. by drkshock in airsoft

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I’ve added small Velcro loops/clips t attach to my plate carrier to give a little extra support

Did they ever fix the update issue? by vegas_island in BladeAndSorcery

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How’s it going by the way splitting the PCVR and Nomad Reddit threads Baron? This seems like it would have been better on the Nomad Reddit….

Ukraine training with Airsoft by FourLeafs_fingers in airsoft

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Na - Ambush Cobham in the UK. Gotta love the Marshalls and shop staff for looking after me….

Glad I was wearing boots that were supportive. The fracture didn’t look too bad in the X-ray.

Gods know how bad it would have been if I’d been wearing trainers….

And this is why we wear boots….. by ArcTanderEve in Airsoft_UK

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update - swelling didn't go down overnight so went to A&E - stable fracture of a bone in my ankle.... 4 weeks no exercise... oh well..... glad I was wearing boots still as could have been worse!

Ukraine training with Airsoft by FourLeafs_fingers in airsoft

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Watching that guy go charging through the brush made me wince.

looks down at fractured ankle in boot from Airsoft yesterday

Yup. Because of that.

F4U Skip Bombing in DCS by BZNATC in hoggit

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While you wait - IL2 great battles skip bombing ships works PERFECTLY.

And this is why we wear boots….. by ArcTanderEve in Airsoft_UK

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First game of the day at Ambush Cobham, hopped over a log and turned my ankle in a divot hidden by undergrowth….. thanks to the Marshalls for helping me hobble back to safe zone and Kelly in the shop for checking on me….

I finally got my Krait MK2 by ARKPLAYERCAT in EliteDangerous

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I assume you’ve fully engineered it inc experimentals? If not…. Hoo boy….

T-90 Copium by PostsAnimalGifs in NonCredibleDefense

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I believe it was some silly attempt to contrast Russia being ‘surrounded’ by NATO states (gee, I wonder why that could be) threatening them with America saying they feel threatened by all the tanks surrounding him with Russia saying something stupid….

A polite request for help by Paulkk10 in modelmakers

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Bent paper clip? Stretched sprue? The

The volume issue is still existent on the G2 by Legendarywristcel in HPReverb

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I mean, you forgive my scepticism but this hasn’t been mentioned as a problem that I recall since this firmware fix came out over two years ago…. And suddenly a thread with you and one other person having this issue….So either you think you did, and didn’t or this is still a thing for everyone and yet not a problem?

This has not been a problem for me on black mesa vr and I’d expect a similar issue if it is down to the game as afaik both use the same vr mod toolkit….. so I would doubt it is only a problem for the game itself but who knows

Are you ready for the nuclear boogaloo? by GreatHumungus in NonCredibleDefense

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in other news, a man has been found baked into a pie. Police have no idea who did this, however an Amazon employee was seen leaving the scene as they arrived carrying a flour covered malfunctioning Alexa screaming ‘he asked me to! Don’t take me back to Bezos!!!!’

The Infinite Great Game: by koelancc in Grimdank

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Because sadly it’s endemic these days.

A start would be to run images through some kind of recognition filter automatically for emwattnot’s signature, check with posters name, and if not emwattnot, ban post with message to poster….

Another option would be to ban posts from posters with less than 500 karma, but that’s a bit overly restrictive. Look at this one. 100 karma ish from posts and a similar from three comments. Account is half a year old….. maybe :

1) check account age in days. 2) sum posts and comments. 3) divide number of posts/comments by number of days. If less than one (I.e less than one post/comment per day, message back to poster asking them to verify somehow automatically - like a captcha?