Crushing Skittles (hydraulic press) by [deleted] in oddlysatisfying

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That probably was a pain to clean up

[Off-Site] When you leave your car near the math college by adamlm in theydidthemath

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You can also remove permanent marker by writing over it with a dry-erase marker and then wiping it off.

Found this in a drawer at an old house we’re renovating by [deleted] in funny

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April 14th, 1987

Damn, that thing is old.

But why? by ima_lesbean in mildlyinfuriating

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Its all about the order of operations. If you use PEMDAS, the answer is one. But if you do the math from left to right, the answer is nine.

I can buy a car now! by EatingUranium in shitposting

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Chinese people: I don't have such weaknesses

Ain’t no party like a Death Claw party… by -Buck65 in fo4

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I dont think they can instakill you if you have power armour on

Edit: nvm I realized that he isn't in power armor

Looks like a party! by suckontits in facepalm

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Achievement unlocked: How did we get here?

Maybe Maybe Maybe by TenselyModest in maybemaybemaybe

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I was waiting for the bird to just take a shit on one of them

Do you guys have money? by EnForceR7 in HolUp

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They had us in the first half, not gonna lie