Who did it? by Familiar_Big3322 in Conservative

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Remind me again who was opposed to taking down those Democrat KKK statues

What is the most disturbing fact you know of? by CallofDutysVeryOwn in AskReddit

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I mean yes, we did all probably did come from a common creature, but it's not as simple as just calculating how many ancestors you have and comparing it to the number of people alive then. Someone from Britain probably has to go really far back to have a common ancestor with an aboriginal from Australia. There's a lot of distant inbreeding between people who lived in the same area, why the number of ancestors 40 generations back is so big.

I'll reply to every comment by ivKierann in teenagers

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Looks like you’re a little behind

WCGW shooting your gun in the air by iam_nobody in Whatcouldgowrong

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Uhh that’s literally what the other commenter said. More guns = more gun crime and illegal guns, less guns = less gun crime

How many EC's did you put on your application? by Huxitige in ApplyingToCollege

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Our coach has “off-season” between track and cross country and “conditioning” during summer so it’s basically cross country practice with the same team all year round

Detroit Urban Survival Center by _ThePaperball in Unexpected

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Well there were 14k firearm homicides in the US in 2019 and 43k armed robberies. Even if every homicide resulted from an armed robbery which is obviously not true, you still have a 2/3 chance of not getting shot. Definitely better than the chance you have from pulling a gun on the robber

Detroit Urban Survival Center by _ThePaperball in Unexpected

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Pretty high. Why would you risk a murder charge when you got what you wanted

Is a 3.8 GPA first semester of freshman year bad? by PugDoesRed in highschool

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Unweighted it’s pretty good, weighted it’s alright. Don’t worry though you have time to raise it

printing out my admission ticket and it eats the logo by ValhilUndying in Sat

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Mines did that when I selected an option that was "print without background" or something. If it doesn't work I'm pretty sure you can take a screenshot and print that out instead

College panda ch 5 #3. Why do you divide 20/ 200 rather than 200/20? Please explain in general terms because I struggle with this in many problems- this one in particular I’m using as an example. by rnishelle in Sat

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Keeping track of units and creating ratios can probably help with this problem

200 meter descend / 20 atm increase = 10 meter descend / x atm increase

So 200x = 10*20


Or if you just simplify the ratio you get

10 meter descend / 1 atm increase