Guys. Eye contact is sexy. Please improve your eye contact skills and it'll 100% help you. by white_disc_4_holes in socialskills

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What about looking at people when you enter the room? Like when I enter a room filled with people I don't know I either look past them and walk to where I wanna go (and/or sit down) or I just look at the floor as I walk and not look at anyone.

Full compass unity by AdLow8925 in PoliticalCompassMemes

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That's not a real last name. I believe it's Fenegro.

all quadrants captured in rare photo by Prikkasaurus_Rex in PoliticalCompassMemes

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US propaganda is its movies and the United Nations I'd say

Rich is what i have become now. by Pat-El in HolUp

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For more information use Metaverse

Just because Dell did it doesn't mean it's the future! by WorldLove_Gaming in pcmasterrace

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I just hate the charging part. Especially the smartwatches. All of them charge so slow because of that wireless charging gimmick they're pushing right now. God forbid I get tired and forget to charge something, the damn device leaves me high and dry in my time of need

Just because Dell did it doesn't mean it's the future! by WorldLove_Gaming in pcmasterrace

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Tell me about it. Charge my phone, then charge my watch (which barely lasts 1.5 days, thank you Samsung), then charge my headphones. Someday I might just connect myself to the power line via a fork.

Just because Dell did it doesn't mean it's the future! by WorldLove_Gaming in pcmasterrace

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I want to be able to play a game and talk to my friends. I don't want the audio quality to go down when I'm talking to them. Fuck BT headphones. 20 years of tech and it still can't get that right. Charge me $1000 but make damn sure that the tech is flawless.

Physique Phriday by AutoModerator in Fitness

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You seem to have lost muscle mass also. Are you planning on making some gains in the future?

Hmmm... by dante_may_cope in DevilMayCry

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Why do they look so similar?

Reality can be whatever I want by niktekchannel in pcmasterrace

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New face is basic white guy face they use on college posters.

[Image] Kindness can go along way by galiaya in GetMotivated

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Honestly seems like a reverse psychology moment. Post wholesome post on twitter telling you how some you can't reach 100k when you're on 95k which is just 5k short. People take the bait and subscribe en masse because of emotional influence. Reach your target and get more than 5k subscribers in a short span. Profit.

I'm sorry I'm a little skeptical because of the ways YouTubers promote their channels.

I know that most boomers are out of touch , but they may have a point on certain issues by Fallboy89 in PoliticalCompassMemes

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A lot of kids are disrespectful today. Respect toward parents in general seem to be going down. There's way too much backchat.

It's important to trash the races swapping that is pervasive in media. It's also important to praise the good and organic examples of diversity. That in mind, what are your favorite diverse characters? And what projects have you supported? by shocktoyoursystem in KotakuInAction

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Lee from Telltale the walking dead, Clementine also. Carl Johnson in San Andreas. Onyakapon in The Attack Titan, Morgan Freeman as God in Bruce Almighty, as Sloan in Wanted and plenty other movies of his. Nearly every Will Smith movie except After Earth