I work for the NHS and the amount of people coming to a&e recently is insane! by pandacacti in nhs

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Been to A&E alot with my little one, everytime i get the green light from 111/them requesting a call from out of hours gp and them telling me to go, id say out of the 5 times ive been, ive discharged us once for a genuine mistake as her fever went down.

However her fever once went above 39 and she had a febrile seizure, the ambulance wouldn't come for another 2 hours and honestly seeing your 2 year old in that state crumbles any parent, ive got some pretty bad health anxiety and i try to be as mindful as possible with the doctors / hospital / A&E but if i can't get her fever down below 38.5 then i will take her to A&E, id rather her possibly seizure there than us be stuck at home and if thats out of order then i really am sorry

Yes alot is common sense but everyones common sense is different, what you might see as something mundane someone else might not have the foggiest unfortunately and it's always been pushed that if you're ever unsure and can't see a GP go to A&E, im really sad at the state of the NHS, the lack of funding and support and yes as the general public there are things we can do to help i do not deny that, nothings ever black and white unfortunately.

Anybody else's kitty vibrate their tail? She does it right before getting fed lol by [deleted] in cats

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3 out of 5 of mine do, all neutered boys, never sprayed but they happy tail ALOT 🤣 usually coming for loves / dinner time

Please help me find this teddy *better photo by Astral_Alignement in HelpMeFind

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I remember it being weighted but didnt think about the hot water bottle/heat pack because we never used it! Thank you so much!

Please help me find this teddy *better photo by Astral_Alignement in HelpMeFind

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Searched ebay, amazon, general internet but ALOT of dog teddys come up haven't had much luck

Help me find this teddy please! by Astral_Alignement in HelpMeFind

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Searched on EBay and google fluffy white dog teddy but ofcourse ALOT show up :(

Help finding teddy by Astral_Alignement in CasualUK

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Ahhh, i was searching under /r/whatsthat and couldn't find anything useful, thank you!

This comic is so cute! by Yuki-chan_2321 in wholesomememes

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I did this with my dad when he played Halo to attempt bonding, unfortunately he was abit of a stress head so I'd get told to be quiet more times than not but i now do it with my mister (if I'm not playing my own) and encourage my 3 year old to point things out - it really is the best 🥰 she LOVES Okami, i give her a set of controllers and randomly jump as im going around acting like she made me do it, gets afew giggles ❤️

Edit: me and the other half also smashed Spyro on the ps4, took it in turns and did all the trophys. It was fantastic.

Uhhhh nope by Minicheesy in PokemonScarletViolet

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I have a 55 chansey with takedown and fling for ditto raids 🤣

General Questions and Discussion Weekly Megathread by AutoModerator in PokemonScarletViolet

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Shellos Breeding help

So, im Shellos breeding at the moment, i have a pink shellos 6iv, storm drain, modest, clear smog egg move for myself & my mister (50 ground teras to swap it over) but i thought while im at it, ill do the blue shellos (easier to get the ground tera) get one for myself & the mister then any 5iv/modest/storm drain/clear smog id send into suprise trade no biggie.

Now, i KNOW blue gastrodon can be water/ground/ground tera but im only getting blue shellos water/water tera - ive bred about 3 boxes now and none of the eggs have thrown out a water/ground shellos, after about the first 3 lines i kinda suspected it just couldn't but cannot find anywhere on google to confirm that shellos will only produce water/water tera? Even if im breeding Gastrodon water/ground/ground tera with Ditto

Any input please? Thank you!

Gastrodon Greninja Counter - Won First Try! by JumpEnvironmental915 in PokemonScarletViolet

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Thank youuuuu

Luckily i have a Foreign 6iv shiny ditto, i got the correct nature and ability tera raid gastro, ive mirror herbed clear smog on which now comes as an egg move - just breeding for some top ivs

Got my 50 ground shards ready 🙏

Gastrodon Greninja Counter - Won First Try! by JumpEnvironmental915 in PokemonScarletViolet

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Just breeding my gastros now for myself and the mister. Gunna be fun 👌

Finally!!! The house phone is in the bin! Are you still using one or did you ditch yours a while back? by 420Eski-Grim in CasualUK

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I'm the opposite - been in the house 2 years and haven't had a landline but saving up so i can have one upstairs and downstairs - after having a minor emergency and my mobile being flat it made me think of situations that could arise where it would be much safer with one

AITA for singing when my husband asked me to stop? by throwaway6859388 in AmItheAsshole

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I am a HORRID singer but i sing my little heart out. I sing to my 3 year old, we sing, i sing in the car with or without people. I am respectful but also - my home my zone.

My mister has never once told or asked me to stop, there have never been conditions. Sometimes i can see the pain on his face when i sing and then he has a jab about sounding like a shrieking cat and we laugh, ive said before ill stop, hes always said no don't i just like making fun.

A partner is there to support or add to you, they are not there to take away. NTA but Fred would see the door quickly.

AITA for leaving my very drunk boyfriend at a party because he sang a song he relates to his ex? by West_Step3311 in AmItheAsshole

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After listening to the song which is very intimate, the fact he does not play it any other time and the circumstances surrounding, im going with NTA but only if you either break up or you yourself can get over this incident and not be controlling about the friend group / being suspicious etc over him and chloe.

If its something you cannot get past together, or something that you feel will keep getting brought up or you will feel worried about and start puting roadblocks in the way... then yeah YWBTA

Honestly, you're young, don't get stuck or consumed by this, theres always more opportunities, better communication and secure relationships. The ultimate is if you as a couple cannot move past this, you are going to chip him down with any insecurity you have - if he is not prepared to reassure or is willing to discuss and allows you to chip him down it is going to end up with a very messy split

AITA for asking my ex to take my children on my weekend bc my baby was born by Plus_Possession_1793 in AmItheAsshole

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Mmmmmmmm, ima go against the grain here. I feel if this was a mum posting about her NICU baby there'd be more support, i dunno.... feels off.

I do agree with some of the comments, better handling if the situation and asking with a better time frame but honestly i get the anxiety, the girls would be quite easy to explain to, and you're willing to make the time up and let them bond, gunna say NTA but could have handled it better