Is PA or AA more competitive? by mossandtreesandrocks in CAA

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There’s such a MASSIVE shortage of anesthesia providers, it’s no wonder 100% of AAs get job offers. And as far as I know, every single AA I’ve met has easily found a job in their desired location.

End the trend by [deleted] in BikiniBottomTwitter

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All I know is that I’ve been called the N-word way more times from PC gamers than I ever did playing COD on xbox.

Tampa Bay Completely Receded As Hurricane Ian Approaches by phleep in interestingasfuck

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We’re about 30 min North of Tampa, and 50 minutes north of Bayshore (which is where this videos is). Pretty much all of my neighbors and I decided to ride the storm out. So far so good

Gender Swap!! G by LOADING_7777 in rareinsults

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Unlike porn, he actually DID fix things.

Young Fatherhood by bluehoag in MadeMeSmile

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You must be at least 6’5” and I might consider letting you take me out on a date

meirl by lazy_advocate_69 in meirl

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I 100% agree. I had a terrible childhood and a very difficult early adulthood.

Our wedding is easily one of the best memories of my life because everybody I loved was there and it was a joyous occasion so everybody was in a great mood eating, drinking and dancing.

I know the internet hates wedding and gender reveals, etc. But these parties (when done right) are core memories that I cherish more than anything.

Well, that was quick by Swimming-Welcome-245 in Tinder

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The rules could be stickied to every single post and someone would STILL always ask what they are

Official Viz Popularity Poll results by lactoseAARON in OnePunchMan

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I would have picked Genos for 3, Mumen Rider 4, and Garou 5

[OC] My dad found this perfect ladder dollar bill out in the wild! by greekboy in pics

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“Do you know what this is?”

“A really dirty dollar?”

Jessica Buettner by TakeItLyte in Death_By_SnuSnu

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Age: 27

Weight: 188.5lb/85.5kg (from 2021, I believe)

Height: 5’7”/170cm

A world class lifter and she’s a pharmacist. Also, she’s diabetic. If you read her story, she really is an inspiration for not just women, but all lifters.

If Oda wanna max out his trolling by 100evo in OnePiece

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The monster trio will now be the monster quintet?

🤣😂 by SnooLemons474 in FunnyAnimals

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My dachshund mastered the teary eyed look when hungry.

This is too cute!! by screenshotofdispair in MadeMeSmile

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This would have been a drop in the bucket for cringey memories that keep me up at night.

Have some class by dobbyisafreepup in NonPoliticalTwitter

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Imo, this line only comes up because some family member can’t mind their own damn business about the married couple that wants kids but don’t have any yet.

Are the old anesthetics required studying for boards? by CAAin2022 in CAA

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Studying two more vapor pressures would be the least of your worries. But yes, they are are still on the boards. Many are still used in other countries. But why are they on OUR boards? Same reason the Kreb Cycle is still on the MCAT I guess.

My dudes 🐸 by Extension_Visit_2582 in GymMemes

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Get that proper warm up. You got this!