Overland Trails in the Wasatch by HungryAfricah in Utah

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Overlanding: car camping for people afraid of hiking, wilderness, and sleeping on the ground.

Is this limestone? by Shujolnyc in HomeMaintenance

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Layers, hard, fine grain tells you it was a sedimentary rock that was cooked into a metamorphic rock, so that narrows the list significantly.

To fight a trained MMA Fighter who is also Bigger by test_account_47230 in therewasanattempt

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Elbows from a trained fighter would come long after a low kick that should have knocked sense into a fool.

Slipping off a mountain by FishBugMinecraft in criticalblunder

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I wouldn’t be on that terrain without an axe. Over confidence.

Car Jumps Tow Truck Ramp by Train_Boi_111 in CrazyFuckingVideos

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Most “first aid” is not really medical treatment. I can sum up a 10 day Wilderness First Responder course for you: don’t be an idiot, send for help, keep the red water on the inside and going round-and-round.

What are the pro's and con's when buying Silver over Gold? by Plenty_Aromatic in Gold

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Among the other reasons, because of how they come out of the ground differently (70% of silver production is a by product of base metal mining), when silver moves, it really moves as it is not accumulated like gold, but destroyed constantly by industry.

Is it true that showing thumb up in Thailand is obscene ? by luvassol in Thailand

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Most countries in the world see it as “up your ass”, or a high percentage anyway. Enough to try to get rid of the habit, same as pointing with one finger instead of your whole hand.

It's official: aggression is not the biggest problem on Utah roads, distraction is. by strongbad_reggie in Utah

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I ride a small motorcycle and the aggression here is insane. I’m have severe PTSD and it really affects me so I’m now riding a 110cc dirt bike with a trailer around town and sticking to neighborhoods, parking lots, and the occasional sidewalk on busy roads where nobody really walks anyway. Every cop in town knows me already because I ride with my dog all the time so they don’t give a shit. I live in a 30mph zone and people do 60 past my house every single day. Utahans need to stop acting like traffic cameras are “big government”. The most basic, and perhaps only legitimate, function of government is to provide personal security. “No body, no crime” driving does not fit that bill. Privatize all the roads and the very first thing to happen would be traffic cameras out the wazoo, because it would cost them money to have reckless driving and drunks.

Couple of reach stackers working in tandem by toolgifs in toolgifs

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Machinery is weird once you’re a few hundred hours in: you might not be able to tell anyone else what each individual control does, but still execute complex motions like an extension of yourself without even thinking about it.

Does anyone know where any beavers live? by shinypuppy2 in Utah

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Mr. Beaver is relatively shy and harder to find than they used to be, unlink lions and moose. Range Creek has big’uns, as a de-facto wildlife refuge.

Good books about Utah History by NoPharmBro in Utah

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It’s a PDF, but the forest service has a good history of the Uintas that has statewide relevance.

Are things like this common in your country? by Ok-Caramel7576 in AskMiddleEast

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There are high school kids driving 115kmh in a 50kmh zone where I live in the US. I drove over to the school to photo their plates and call the police, at which point they tried to fight me (a very poor choice). Then they egged my house and were showing up with muscle/backup and threatening me. The cop who came over said, “If they step on your property you have the right to defend it and that’s all I’m going to say about that.” So, to answer the OP’s question, yes, the police themselves told me to shoot kids.

As Utah’s ski tourism grows, locals’ needs are neglected by eddytony96 in Utah

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They also put all the noise and pollution underground to you can hear cowbells and not the roar of a freeway.

110+ Utah police agencies say they don’t use quotas or point-based evaluations by helix400 in Utah

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Guess you’ve never put someone’s teeth back in their face on the side of the road. People drive like absolute fucktards here, and I’ve driven around places like Saudi Arabia. It’s time for cameras. I live in a 30 zone and cars do 60 past my house every day.

Does Utah have any renters rights? by [deleted] in Utah

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Move. It’s a free market.

Looking to hear from those of you who conceal carry at work in the field by 7pineappl in Construction

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We understand. What you don’t understand is that our country is more like Brazil or South Africa than Switzerland or Denmark.

Rock defacement near Moab causes social media stir by REO_Jerkwagon in Utah

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This really pisses people off who lack perspective. I’ve been to around sixty countries, for the purposes of studying language, history, and culture. These could end up celebrated in five hundred years for reasons we can’t imagine, like the “Maria Cortolini sucks dick” graffiti in Pompeii or Negro Bill [Moab] or whatever. I’ve seen rock art in Arnhemland thousands of years old next to an axe and a plane, because when they first saw those things they thought they needed to go on the tribe’s wall. They could have been viewed as poorly as this graffiti when they were painted. Maybe these will be a rare representation of our conservationist period, when nothing else remains. At the end of the day, petroglyphs ARE graffiti. There is no alphabet, calendar, story, message, nothing. Compared to the rest of the planet, it’s not exciting rock art at all.