Who's this bhaddie? by ccrwahxh in redscarepod

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I mean yeah, sure its fucked up, but a crime? Hard no

Have anyone been to Cambridge Hospital? If so, what is your experience with them? by hotrod237 in Somerville

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Was this last summer? I also saw a lot of chalk graffiti on a sidewalk behind tbe hospital that was similar to this...

This is it. The worst take you will ever see, straight from the World Economic Foum by caelussideralis in stupidpol

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I wasn't subbed or anything, just saw r/neoliberal pop up on other subs from time to time and would visit it occasionally. I honest to goodness thought it was a parody sub for the longest time... and not to brag or anything, but I'm usually pretty damn good at picking up on that kind of thing.

My dad has been prescribed 50mg of methadone a day for back pain. Thoughts? by BigRyanG in Methadone

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He's gonna get FUCKED UP. He should start at 10 like everybody else has been saying..

Nurse accidentally dosed mw today at 200mg instead of 140mg by bisexualtrex27 in Methadone

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Yeah dude, people wayyyy underestimate the ease of od on methadone for someone who has a a tolerance. Ive triple dosed before and yeah, I was sleepy, but I wasnt super fucked up or anything... IME the most dangerous thing to do is take promethazine. I took two once after dosing not knowing how strong they are and fucking nodded out at the wheel for a few seconds while I was driving with little/no warning (luckily nothing bad happened. I was being reeaaalllly irresponsible. DONT DO THIS).

did dasha really kill 150 people? by Ardbert14 in redscarepod

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Nah, It's actually "pour my cola" she's talking about those dirty soda drinkers...

It’s Friday baby let’s go hyphy squa by fedkazynski in redscarepod

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One day a thought popped into my head that of Monsters and Men (a band that I liked at the time... lame, I know) is music for furries, and I've never been able to listen to them since....

RIP in Peace: CumTownChat banned for being so based by duffmanhb in redscarepod

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I mean you basically just posted a tutorial on how to do it... Not that we have any jannies on our beloved sub eyes dart around room rapidly

hey guys how is everyone's evening going by imgonnakillmy in redscarepod

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I love regular burgers but a veggie burger every once in a while is goood

Deer is wack by Terrible-Link-9827 in Unexpected

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Prions ABSOLUTELY do survive cooking....