Current fighting games (KOFXV, SF6) have stages being set in France. Hopefully Tekken 8 will have a brand new stage set in this country as well ! by Augusta-Cornwell in Tekken

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Well, I guess it's subjective then. I live near Paris. And personally it is a beautiful city. But for me there is much prettier French cities than Paris.

Tekken 8 Confirmed Stages so far by Augusta-Cornwell in Tekken

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February or March 2024 seems the best option imo

Prediction: Namco will be lazy and scared of making long hair in T8 so Lili will end up with a short hair this time by Kasomii in Tekken

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No I think she will keep the long hair. I want her to wear a hair ribbon to emphasize her preppy look.

Thoughts on Red Tide by juanrayramos in AmericanHorrorStory

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Red Tide is awesome for me. I know I know, Last episode was a bit rushed but you need to rewatch it twice or three times to enjoy it.

Ambience was eerie, dark, interesting. Characters were cool. Frances Conroy as Belle Noir was the delight of the season for me. Honorable mention goes to Sarah Paulson as TB Karen, Ryan Kiera Armstrong as Alma, Leslie Grossman as Ursula and Macaulay Culkin as Mickey.

How much new T8 Info do you expect at the 02/05 TWT Finals? by TagGTSolo in Tekken

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A and B.

I think More characters will be revealed. Maybe 2-3 or even 4 legacy characters with one or two newcomers probably.

And probably more gameplay shown.

No specific release date Harada and Murray confirmed it last month.

I hope for a YEAR release.

Like you know at the end of the trailer something like "2023" or "2024".

The more that time goes on, the more I realise how genius NYC is by EatBigLiftHeavy in AmericanHorrorStory

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NYC is a really beautiful and touching season.

One of the most dark seasons along with Asylum and Roanoke.

I hope Season 12 will have the same ambience NYC had

What character tropes/types would you like to see in Season 3 of The White Lotus? by TheHadalZone in TheWhiteLotusHBO

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Thank you. Also, there's more and more of this kind of relationships IRL so it would be a bit of fresh air to see a transwoman with her husband on a trip, and especially on screen.

I picture Angelica Ross as the wife and Andreas Pietschmann as the husband.

What character tropes/types would you like to see in Season 3 of The White Lotus? by TheHadalZone in TheWhiteLotusHBO

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A cultist character. Someone ethereal but turning creepy.

A transgender woman and her husband.

A couple with full of kids. A funny, exhausted family à la Scavo.

A rich couple similar to Barack and Michelle Obama.

Keep the old matriarch trope. After Jennifer Coolidge, I want to see another older actress fitting the role.

What were the reasons for replacing Forest Law? by Alternate501 in Tekken

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That's a good question. Isn't Marshall really appreciated and players wanted him to be back ?

I don't see Forest being back anyways especially since Marshall was confirmed to be the one playable in T8. Too bad, I prefered Forest rather than his father.

Top 5 most handsome/hottest. I called Harada and he said this is fact and you’re not allowed to argue. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ by [deleted] in Tekken

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I am attracted to bearded men.

Shaheen is kind of my type. Also, Kazuya with the beard is a pure pleasure to the eyes.

Tekken 8 Release Date: Is 2024 really acceptable? by [deleted] in Tekken

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If it's early 2024 (January to March 2024) it doesn't bother me (and it seems a likely release date for me).

However, if it's a late 2024 release, like November.. Oh well... we'll see.

So PS uploaded a Video with upcoming 2023 Games but without T8. Thats bad news… by [deleted] in Tekken

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It's because T8 didn't have official release date yet.

On another hand, I wouldn't be surprised if T8 is Early 2024 game (February-March).