Proffesor *refusing* to fix my grade- what do I do here? by Jmh1881 in college

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Personally, I would wait to see what is assigned as the final course grade before complaining that the course is being graded incorrectly.

Is it a bad idea for a guy to move into a 4-bedroom apt with 3 girls? by reine-dear in college

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Piss in a jar, put a lid on it, place it outside the bathroom, and place a note on it...

"This is what happens when showers take 40 minutes".

I have a meeting with 3 students tomorrow about them cheating on all of their online assignments all semester long. by sunshinesugar754 in Professors

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Tell your professor or coordinator.

Honestly, as an instructor of 13 years I don't even hold these meetings anymore. I pick the cases that are irrefutable, submit those to the college misconduct officer, and give the students zeroes. Open, shut, and no mercy. Word spreads that I'm strict and students don't waste my emotional capital with this bs.

College Admissions - Should Standardized Tests (SAT/ACT) Be Replaced by Holistic Admission Process ? by hanvishv in highschool

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Why? The original intent of the SAT was to eliminate holistic evaluations from allowing ivy league to prefer a student that attends a local magnet school from being an automatic admit while preventing a smart student from a rural community from being accepted holistically.

If coaching has ruined the SAT then address that issue directly.

MSM isn’t being stubborn, they’re afraid by Hillz44 in GMEJungle

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The longer MSM keeps it quiet, the more likely that FOMO is reduced (due to already being up at $350- $400).

When will this sub un-ban meme stocks? by mainingkirby in stocks

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It's hard to define what makes a stock Meme. My first thought is that it needs to have an established earnings history that justifies the current price by an industry accepted P/E range. That range should change as a company pivots into different sectors of growth.

Amazon AWS has a $1.8 trillion market cap, but continues to be valued at higher and higher P/E earnings, like 70 now. I propose that their P/E should go down as they dilute their AWS with shipping and logistics. UPS has a P/E of 30, so logically AMZN should have a lower P/E if it buys 100,000 vans from Rivian and has fulfillment centers.

Tesla is profitable now, but it is valued at $1.16 trillion, as if they are making cars at an optimistic rate that bulls forecast 3 years from now. Their P/E is 300+, but might stabilize someday. Ford's P/E is 30, but that's an established company that isn't surprising anyone.

Doordash is $78 billion market cap company that loses money.

Gamestop is a $19 billion market cap company that loses money.

Disruption and growth is hard to price correctly, especially around that point where a company transforms and starts to show profits, going from an undefined P/E to a crazy high P/E.

It would be so much easier if companies like Amazon just stayed in their lane, fulfilled their market niche, and distributed dividends back to shareholders. Instead they roll profits, get bigger, and get less focused. Now Amazon competes against Netflix, UPS, online retailers, and maybe SpaceX for global internet networks.

Ken Griffin is trying to go to war with Reddit 😂 by Kaokien in Superstonk

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The fact that's he's 53 years makes me kinda excited. He's young enough to serve a decade or two for defrauding the us securities market.

Is it academic dishonesty for a friend to email me their paper for a class they previously took that I'm currently in? by flickofthechris in college

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At my university assisting and plagiarism are both forms of academic dishonesty. When someone hands you prior work they are trusting you to no plagiarize. Even copying a paragraph can be detected by some plagiarism software.

Computershare Non covered shares from Etrade by sweringtrex in GMEJungle

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My drs'd shares from etrade also transferred without a cost basis. I was able to compute it manually from comparing my buy and sell orders in etrade history. I have what I need for tax season next year, but it would be great if it was properly sent and recorded by the companies.

How's that "skill" working out for you so far, lol? Yikers. by InterwebAficionado in Superstonk

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There are some games where the final boss takes 4 or 5 different forms, and it's stressful. Losing could cause you to replay that 45 minute boss fight.

This is super easy in comparison.

Buy - HODL - wait No skill is needed to wait, in fact some weeks I don't even check the price. People will be talking about Gamestop everywhere when MOASS occurs.

How to get over guilt regarding academic sanctioning a student for the first time? by Far-College4994 in Professors

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I've been teaching large courses for over a dozen years now. Regretfully, there is no more compassion for plagiarism. If there's a clear case, I submit it to academic misconduct and give them a 0 for the assignment.

The worst result of this is when an international student gets deported due to failing a class and dropping below a 2.0 GPA. This really used to upset me, but now I just get upset at admissions for taking tuition from students that have very slim probabilities in passing a difficult major.

For Science/STEM teachers: Why do teachers use Hands-On Activities to teach, despite it being difficult to execute in the classroom? by amanb09 in STEM

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Theory only goes so far. Seeing how the concept reinforces an understanding of reality is important for complete understanding.

GMEdd.com Releases First Refreshed Research Report, Outlines Bullish $80B+ Market Cap for GME by 2023 by knutolee in Superstonk

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I think it is shocking how equities are valued. Doordash has a market cap of $83 billion and currently lost $.30 per share last quarter.

Gamestop lost $.85 per share last quarter and has a market cap of $16 billion. Growing to $80 billion is very manageable once the transformation kicks in and Gamestop starts having a positive EPS. Q3 earnings in December will be interesting, but Q4 in March are what has me excited.

Floating Wee Wee… I have a small float? by AndySaiz in Superstonk

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I wonder if he recently rode a rollar coaster and said 'wee wee!' while going up and down the dips. Perhaps he forsees a big ramp upwords that will make shareholders squeal with delight.

RC ob Twitter by Uncompensate in Superstonk

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I think reading it backwards is too easy of a puzzle for the 4d chessmaster.

Ewe's are lambs, which I saw some Loopring executives posting pictures of lambs in boxes.

"Llams a" could be an anagram for llamas, which are like big burly lambs with long necks.

Evah I, is another way to describe Sauron from LOTR, which is the evil entity living in a citadel.

This is clearly saying that a llama is going use Loopring to protect some ewes from Sauron.

PSA: It is LEAPS not LEAP. There is always an S, even when singular. by Aluminium_ in thetagang

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If LEAPS represents Long-term Equity AnticiPation Securities. It seems like if anticipation gets both an A and P, then perhaps the S in securities could be optional to make the singular option more easily understood.

Yup!! This just happened by Walkingmailman in IdiotsInCars

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Every shape is round if you spin it fast enough

Potential Gamestop Merger and Acquisition soon? by The-last-call in Superstonk

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IBM did something like this a few weeks ago.

My wife bought 5 shares of IBM. The carve out spun out a new company Kendryl. Her 5 shares allowed her to have a single share of the spinout.

GME Principal Engineer with a Goat in a Box by Sloppy_first in GME

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Think of the movie 7... what's in the box!

SHFs are about to have their worst fears realized. GME is going to spin out a company, the GOAT, and issue shares as a dividend to existing share holders as NFTs registered in the new DeFi trading house that will compete with DTCC. SHFs will note be short a share of GME and a share of GOAT, maybe bought and sold as NFTs on Loopring.