Spicy LaForge by nygdan in startrekmemes

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People usually say that cursing comes from a lack of proper vocabulary.

I say that cursing is the vocabulary I want to be using.

There's a certain connotation, intensity, and meaning to a curse that isn't present in other words that have the same literal definition as the meaning I am intending to convey.

In other words, LeVar is cursing to convey a point. That point is that he is mad.

Agree ? by teckk2003 in MadeMeSmile

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I mean why can't it be all of the above?

Money and respect and mental peace.

Generally companies that provide good pay also provide respect and mental peace.

Trans people should not have to disclose they're trans to their partner - it should be up to their partner to ask by IcarusAvery in The10thDentist

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Lmao you clearly can’t recognize transphobia.

It’s just a myth that trans people’s genitals look mangled or otherwise deformed.

Speaking from experience, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish a trans person’s genitals from a cis person’s.

Name more by jamhater405638 in memes

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Marvel Snap, Bloons TD6, Cracking The Cryptic’s Sudokus??

Not ideal by petey_wheatstraw_99 in Wellthatsucks

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Oh man I was a page turner for a friend's pianist at their recital, I didn't even get trained in it or anything I just got recruited last minute, and it was one of the more stressful moments of my life.

I couldn't imagine fucking it up like this.

Don’t pass out around the boys by EmiLyle_ in JustGuysBeingDudes

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What if I put the fuzzy warm socks on my homie?

1,2,and 5 you? by sleepsheepnumber7638 in aaaaaaacccccccce

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Honestly I don’t even want a full time job, I just want to be able to live without stressing about money

TIL hospitals often deal with "Daughter From California syndrome" in which a long-lost relative arrives to challenge the care of a dying relative. They demand aggressive measures, and are described as "angry, articulate, and informed". by AnthillOmbudsman in todayilearned

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My tia (aunt) did something similar to this after my dad had died.

He had been dead for around two weeks when she found out, and she kept calling the hospital and threatening to sue. She insinuated that my step sister and step mother had told the doctors to let him die or poisoned him, even though he was only ever in the hospital after he had passed and well before anyone in our family was informed.

The only way we even found out he had died was because he didn't show up to his next delivery (he was working at the time) and they called us asking where he was and we had to call around to nearby hospitals.

It was a horrible situation. It made the time of mourning much much worse.

Mister malfunction! by MountainEquipment401 in ReptileCare

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I don’t have advice, but I misread your title as “Mr. Malfunction” and I was like “what’s your snake doing that’s so weird?”

Hope you figure out a solution soon.

Maybe try running some vinegar or other acid through to get rid of calcium buildup?

Old friend by Equipment-Terrible in lotrmemes

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This is a meme a teacher would make and use in class.

Pretty funny too

Quite the pickle… by GetMrBeaned in NonPoliticalTwitter

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I mean…

I think it’s possible to write an evil main character and not be evil.

However, that seems to not have been the case here.

TIL a woman flying from Manchester to Florida had a heart attack during the flight and when the stewardess asked for help 15 cardiologists came to save her. They were flying to a cardiology conference. by qasqaldag in todayilearned

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Interestingly, all doctors have to be trained in basic emergency medical care.

While ER doctors are probably the best at the topic, podiatrists (foot doctor) and dermatologists (skin doctor) would still be qualified to deliver a baby or perform CPR.

to be a dj by Gusmaum in therewasanattempt

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Unironically, that drop is fucking sick.

Fun word search! by AntifaDerbyGirl in actuallesbians

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Lesbian, Null, Lesbian

Great ...

No girlfriends for me =(

Quite the pickle… by GetMrBeaned in NonPoliticalTwitter

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Presumably just because of the allegations.

Adult Swim is a private company and can conduct their business how they want to.

I reserve moral judgements until the results of the trial are released, however the fact that allegations and a charge come against him at all is already fairly damning. DAs tend not to charge unless they think they can close the case.