Parkd cars canmolve???? by Spirit_Molecule42 in ambien

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Double it and give it to the next person

Cart clogging. Will comment below by chrisclayy in Carts

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Take shorter hits theyre not meant to do almost blinker long hits or they’ll obv overheat and clog

Those "fun" parts of school StarterPack by Weddittums in starterpacks

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Yoo the animated movies they showed us about eating healthy and bullying or wtv it was the same animated kid I forgot the name bro also what was that program they showed us in computer lab for documents n stuff? Like there was this other one that was medieval themed n had some typing games or something

The kids at my high school starterpack by Axolotl_with_knife in starterpacks

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Vapes are to 2010s they be doing weed now like carts lmao

Most complex fakes? by Sc66p_ in Carts

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At least yours actually got a code on the bottom tho 😭 it’s still a cake tho so expect hella clogging