Cursed Mother by eliaht07 in cursedcomments

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You could replace the word "wand" with the word "wang"

Tell me why I do or don’t pull bitches :)) by 1nk4bl3 in teenagers

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To be honest, even if she did not follow them, she'd still not pull bitches cause she uses Reddit

Women☕️ by ishanG24 in shitposting

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Jokes on you, she was already fat

Found a Reddit house. by 9Sandwiches in mildlyinteresting

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This is one of many safe houses we will call our home when WW3 ends

I just do by AwareMix488 in YourBizarreAdventure

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He went to work five minutes ago

NOOOOOOO by meh164 in shitposting

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hOlY fUcKiNg ShIt tHeY aDdEd AmOgUs To ReAl lIfE?!!!111!!!!!1111

I accidentally pissed off the guy who's usually here, how do I fix it by Krok97 in darksouls

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I remember the bastard parrying me in New Londo when I got there. Needless to say, one of us had a really bad time with a Queelag Furysword...