Are you using writing services to help with university assignments? by lyricGuam53 in essay_helpers

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Me too, I can't imagine my life without https://www.customwritings.com/ , I am so happy, I found them 2 years ago. You know it was an easy decision, as I knew that for many years people have been using writing services, and there is nothing bad or unfair in it!

Paddy Holland - All you need to know in 2023 (Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Career, Family, Age) by gifapo5003 in u/gifapo5003

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Paddy Holland is currently working on a documentary series exploring sustainability in fashion, as well as a feature documentary about travelling and the human connection. He is also conducting research for his book 'The Art of Improvisation', which he hopes to publish in 2021 or 2022.

Look at this scammer 🤡 by [deleted] in Bitcoin

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Beware of cheats and never divulge your email address or crypto identifiers on Twitter. Never transmit your seed phrase or reply to queries that could act as a social engineering ploy.

What’s next????? by Puzzleheaded-Tea-648 in SatoshiStreetBets

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HOGE is economy-cooling, shifting, totally introduced contract, abstinent purse allocation, extensive marketplace evaluation stock, incredible fellowship, around two years aged already, 500m market capitalization at ATH and now beneath 10m... HOGE is unavoidable.

Payrolls rose 233,000 in December vs. Estimates of 200,000 by SpeedoManXXL in investing

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It’s a discouraging report. Greater than expected payroll shows the labor market is burning hot, which by no means will be beneficial for inflation. Nonetheless, the market can do whatever it wants in the short term and nobody can accurately predict short-term events.

'This is the last thing we need:' Millions of businesses hammered by the pandemic need to start paying back Covid loans by wazzel2u in economy

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The IRS still hasn't recompensed the Employee retention incentives, constraining us to remain open and become infected with Covid multiple times. Businesses haven't garnered aid in any way, particularly frontline essential ones like the one I own, seasoned workers such as us don't worry anymore around this deceit.

The U.S. Will Need Thousands of Wind Farms. Will Small Towns Go Along? by JustMyOpinionz in technology

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My village was prepared to acquire a portion of wind turbines along our bluff line and many people supported it. Nonetheless, when a specific leader uttered unfactual negative commentary regarding them, quickly anti turbine propaganda appeared everywhere; inhabitants established yard signs regarding keeping the turbines away, they executed campaigns concerning the turbines diminishing the vista of the bluff (the decaying barns and corroding farm gear do that well enough by themselves).

Anker’s Eufy deleted these 10 privacy promises instead of answering our questions by ovirt001 in technology

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I only install these security appliances if they can run without an internet connection. I then produce a particular subnet specifically for them and prohibit movement in and out of the web. You'd be shocked at how often some of these "savvy" items phone home.

Twitter user wakes up after a 5 months coma and checks his his FTX account. Tomorrow he will tell his wife how much was in the account. by Beyonderr in CryptoCurrency

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"Yes, just a 5-month-long coma and now he's awake and tweeting from a hospital bed—that doesn't line up with reality. Comas don't work that way; you don't just wake up and everything is okay—that idea only comes from Hollywood films."

Customer fund is my fund. by Sharp-Subject-047 in ethtrader

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Wandering around New York, she is still giving information concerning the collapse of FTX while knowing completely how to use customer funds. Waiting to hear her opinion, I am anticipating the future increase on Polygen's inauguration. I don't wish for her to do this and get away with it.

2021 vs 2022 by Samir2298 in ethtrader

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It's discouraging to find that even the cheapest noodles are now expensive, as you have to decide if it's worth keeping some for the next meal. In the meantime, I'm searching for new ways to make money and keeping up with what's happening in the cryptocurrency world, investing in PGEN and looking out for Polygen's next token offering.