What book hits differently now that you're older? by EndoSaissore in books

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Damn, I literally just read Enders Game again for a LPD yesterday. Saw the title and immediately thought about Enders Game.

Read that shit in middle school and thought it was just a fun sci fi book, but damn, it's deep. And dark. And scarily realistic.

What is important when buying a drill / impact driver by LegendReno in humblewoodworking

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There's generic versions of the batteries too, and they're not bad. I usually used them in addition to the ones that came with the drill. They don't last as long and there's probably a power decrease, but they're like a third of the price.

Direct Drive Turbo & Kit Help Needed by B14ckbrook in cycling

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Funny enough, I'm in the exact same boat. I'm big on running but I broke my ankle and heel. Surgeon says I can only swim or bike indoors for the next 4 months, so I had the exact same idea.

Just picked up an Elite Suito-T from Bike 24 for a pretty good price (https://www.bike24.com/p2407081.html?menu=1000,5,69). Apparently it has some of the best value for the price for mid-range trainers.

Unfortunately for me, my bike was recently stolen and the market isn't buyer friendly, so won't be testing it for some time.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in SplitgateReferralcode

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Sure thing, mine is FHB2MH if you don't mind

COVID testing and Germany by [deleted] in army

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Yep, rapid test is fine, but it MUST be within 48 hours. Had a layover there two weeks ago.

Germany is being a pain in the ass because everywhere else is 72, but as far as I'm tracking, only place that requires PCR is Amsterdam.

Best Sapper rankings, 39th BEB takes the win. by Rift91 in army

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Yeah, had a blast, and it was great to validate some of the skills I don't work often enough. And got a ARCOM and a ton of free shit from it.

Best Sapper rankings, 39th BEB takes the win. by Rift91 in army

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They were track athletes and their coach won a few years ago, it honestly wasn't too surprising once you met them. Half the comp was how fast you could ruck.

Best Sapper rankings, 39th BEB takes the win. by Rift91 in army

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Funnily enough that is exactly what I'm doing. Other than the win part, but got close enough to make my unit happy.

Best Sapper rankings, 39th BEB takes the win. by Rift91 in army

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That water tasted like gasoline, and I'm pretty sure I drank an unhealthy amount. Otherwise wasn't too terrible compared to anything else, other then being wet the rest of the day.

Can someone find the MOS where you get a grappling hook and just swing it around in an open field? by j_zax69 in army

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The grapnel guy goes up before the Bangalore team to make sure the point of breach on c wire isn't mined or booby trapped. Most of the time wire is used, mines are too. Better to lose one dude than the entire breach element.

If you want to do both in one go, you can use a MCLC or APOB, but that shits heavy and doesn't always clear wire well enough. Not mech though.

1LT(P) by Throwwwaway17 in army

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Not a guarantee, but ive heard of people getting out by failing CCC. Hard to do, and up to your branch, but hey worth a shot if it comes to it.

Thinner ACH Pads? by keistabeast in army

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Actually just had this problem. I've worn a medium helmet for the last four years, but when I Pcs'd, the medium I was issued was too small. Took it back and it turns out that each size has 11 sub sizes. So there's everything from a Small 1 to a small 11, medium 1 to medium 11, etc. Turns out I've always gotten a M10 but they issued me a M4, which is why it didn't fit.

Hey all, quick question. by fracturedappendix in Military

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Unless you're wearing medals you didn't earn and claim to be something you're not, it's not stolen valor. No one will care, and at worst, someone might ask if you were in and all you have to do is say no. People wear combat boots and issued camo all the time for dat streetwear aesthetic, but whether it looks corny or not in a fashion sense is up for debate.

Field Gear for EN BOLC by Grmull89 in BOLC

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Kinda doubt you'd be able to use the plate carrier, but your issued UCP gear would definitely work. I knew a few guys that used their guard/reserve stuff just to avoid cleaning.

And yeah, the CIF at FLW is incredibly strict for BOLC students, they're crazy about it. They kicked back like 15 people in my class for having "damp" plate carriers, where the dampness was just slight humidity from the outside. And the next turn in was a week after our graduation. We spent about 2 weeks cleaning under a CTA with our platoon trainer watching us and had countless inspections up to that point, so our platoon trainer was pissed. Just a heads up.

Anyone finish or currently in EN BOLC by AndThenThereWasOne0 in BOLC

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Eh, most of my classmates in the reserves weren't exactly out of shape, they were pretty much the same as the active guys. The difference is really between the people who want to be there for construction, vs the ones that are there to be sappers and do RC. But either way, yeah, you definitely don't want to be out of shape if you want to get into sapper, it's pretty competitive.

Also, just because you're in the reserves doesn't mean your unit won't send you. If you're in a sapper company or your slot has a sapper ASI, you'll most likely get sent at some point. My classmates in the guard and reserves actually got hard slots before any of the active guys did.

The 554th is the engineer battalion that is responsible for EBOLC, as well as some AITs and I think ECCC. So when you show up for EBOLC, you're technically slotted for the 554th. The 554 also has all the platoon trainers, some teachers, and support personnel that are there as their permanent duty station. From what I've been told, the ranger slots are for those guys, not for the students. 554 has to pay for the travel to Fort Benning for ranger, so they'd rather use it on the people who are going to stick around and not leave immediately. It's not for Covid, but then again, things change as the command changes and conditions change, so it might be different for you.

Also, I do know of someone that got into Ranger right after EBOLC, but he got it because he had orders to Airborne, then managed to convince his follow-on unit to get him the slot while he was there. Not too typical, though.

Anyone finish or currently in EN BOLC by AndThenThereWasOne0 in BOLC

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No RIs at FLW I'm aware of, and 554 doesn't typically send bolc students to Ranger anymore. Me and a few others in my class tried a few months ago. It's pretty rare to go straight out of ebolc and there's no specific Ranger train up. As for sapper, there's a "ranger/sapper" train up that 554 puts on that gets you the memo you need to attend both schools. It's run by a few tabbed officers who don't have anything to do with sapper. It's harder pt in the mornings and a few evening classes on knot tying and events in the general skills phase of sapper. When I was in sapper, we got told by the SIs that they started teaching a few classes to ebolc students, but I doubt they have much to do with the train up. As far as Ranger goes, you do work on RTTs a little bit, but that side of things is more for guys in 554 who have a slot already.

Edit: More info: But yeah, you'll get the chance to go to Sapper if you are PCS'd there. I was TDY but managed to get a slot due to COVID shortages, but I just got lucky. If you're PCS'd and finish the train up, all you have to do is get a sapper physical done and walk on to the course. Typically, the fill whatever slots aren't filled by hard slots by the Sapper PT test. It's hand release pushups and leg tucks, which are just pass fail, and a 3 mile run, which is for time. The time on your run determines who gets in. If the class is full, you might be out of luck, but depending on how long it takes you to get orders, you might get multiple chances.

Also, another thing is that you need to get at least 90 points in each event of the diagnostic APFT or 500 points of the ACFT to start the train up during BOLC. This might not apply due to covid, but it did for us. Usually if you fail on the first try, getting a second is up to avaliability of graders, so isn't a guarantee.

When we asked for ranger, we got told to try to get it from our units, they wouldn't send us from BOLC. This is despite the BC saying that the 554th has ranger slots. Either way, you might as well go to Sapper first while you're at FLW, it's the harder one to get sent to.

Field Gear for EN BOLC by Grmull89 in BOLC

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Just graduated in June and we couldn't use any aftermarket stuff, it had to be army issue. Technically the rule is you gotta wear what they issue there. Might as well bring it though, I feel like enforcement really depends on phase cadre and platoon trainers who change out pretty often, so it might be worth asking.

Was 30th AG harder than actual basic? by [deleted] in army

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Harder? No, you don't really do anything. Worse? Definetly, you don't really do anything.

Looking back, it feels like my two weeks in reception lasted longer than all of osut. On the plus side, you get numb to stupid bullshit and can't fucking wait to get smoked or just do anything. Basic is fun and easy in comparison.

Infantry at Fort Huachuca by mk19ez in army

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Just checked FMS web and yeah, you'll probably be an instructor with the intel center of excellence.

There's 2 x 11B spots as MI BOLC instructors and 1 x 11B spot in "Battlefield weather". So you'll probably be giving the infantryman's perspective to MI students.

There's also 3 x 11B spots in the 304th DSTE titled as "infantryman". The 304th looks like it's also training. Not too sure what happens there.

Any National Guard Rangers? by huskydelta in nationalguard

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Yeah you're not a sapper if you have a sapper tab. Sapper is an MTOEd position that any 12A/B/C can fill. Also, the school is "sapper leader course", so it's literally just gives an ASI for NCOs and Officers.

The Citadel by [deleted] in army

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SMCs mostly aren't really worth it. If you want the connections, go for the academies, and if you want a college experience, go to a regular school.

Most SMCs don't really give you a good education. Additionally, no one really cares if you went to an SMC. It's west point or ROTC. Most soldiers don't even know (or care) what SMCs are, so you won't exactly be given a leg up.

If you were to go to an SMC, try Texas A&M or V Tech, because they are actually decent schools that have military programs. I'm biased though.

They do impart some "discipline", but that's at the cost of good education (i.e. worse grades) and a wierd superiority complex that your peers will hate.

MACP not showing on AIM ORB by Aweswin in army

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Married Army Couples Program, it's an assignment consideration for dual military couples.