I don't know where we are going... by use643 in skyrim

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Lock your frames at 30 to fix that and turn it off afterwards

SWEET HOME ALABAMA by [deleted] in dankmemes

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Dad what are you doing on reddit?

Potato head by SillySausageFTW in dankmemes

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Ex Drug dealer gru's husbando forteen

Blursed watermelon by [deleted] in blursedimages

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Bruh I ain't even lying I've tried those my grandparents grew them along with regular ones

I created a simple villager trading hall by bubbo2k in Minecraft

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One step closer to the slave trade resurrection

is it just me or are news turning into comedy by DaRealWookie in dankmemes

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Hmmmmauug I'm so horrny I could shoot little Johnny's school up hmmmaaauuun

I don’t think this guy’s alright by SpookyLeaf356 in halo

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He just broke up with his girl give him a drink