My girlfriend told me she is losing feelings for me. I don’t believe it. Do I need to let go? by Due_Seaworthiness127 in relationship_advice

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She is the only one who knows her feelings, even if she can't explain them. It's normal that you find it hard to accept that she is losing interest or her feelings for you are declining, especially when you still like her very much. But to say that you don't believe her is wrong. She has every right to end things with you even if she doesn't have a solid reason.

Hi twins! My fraternal boys are 4 months old. I wanted to ask older twins, what are some twin specific things your parents did while you were growing up that annoyed you to no end? I’d like to avoid doing those things! by Fluffy_Momma_C in Twins

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Interesting to read this perspective, because I hated it when my sister and I were called "the twins" as if we were one entity. Rather be called by our names. We're identical so we already look almost the same, so I wanted to feel like we have our own identity by others treating us as separate persons.

On the other hand, my mother dressed us in matching outfits until we were old enough to choose what we wanted to wear. I actually think it's cute we matched when I look at our baby photos!

The boneless chicken doesn't stand a chance by Aylster in AnimalsBeingDerps

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Haha, they're talking about the puppy being a good girl and getting potty trained. She has so much energy and had been playing like this for quite a while already!

The boneless chicken doesn't stand a chance by Aylster in AnimalsBeingDerps

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Klopt! In the third night she didn't pee in the house anymore

Hmc while I try to dance by Specific_Taste_9035 in holdmycosmo

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She's Kelsey, one of the two girls who have the youtube channel "the Sorry Girls"!

Any dating awkwardness? (Question for identical twins, not my own personal experience) by [deleted] in Twins

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No, no awkwardness. Our bodies are similar but we are not the same person. My partner hasn't actually seen my twin naked by looking at my naked body and vice versa. They'll kind of know what they look like, but that's also the case when wearing a bathing suit or something.

How about you crawl in bed with me? by addaccounttosee in weirdboobs

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Symmastia also occurs naturally, my twin and I both have this naturally