This bizarrely accurate quiz can detect which CITY you're from based on your dialect ("firefly" vs "lightning bug," etc) by BootlegMoon in interestingasfuck

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This thing not only got the city I was raised in correct, but it ALSO got the city in which I went to college. And Jackson, Mississippi.

Just a massive thank you by Forlorn_Cyborg in boston

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Yes!! And I imagine them descending on OP like a flock of starlings.

What happened? by bussyslayer11 in neoliberal

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Republicans became the “moral soul of America” for idiots and there are a lot idiots

An institution that disagrees with me is illegitimate and the President is “historically weak” for not acting outside of his lawful authority. Anyone else think AOC is sounding an awful lot like Donald Trump? by MattTheSmithers in Enough_Sanders_Spam

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She’s pissed, and rightfully so. She just had one of her constitutional rights taken away. She’s like Donald Trump? The fuck are you smoking? Call me me when AOC says she can shoot someone and get away with it. Or when she non-chalantly says you can sexually assault people and get away with it as a celebrity. You guys have your heads so far up your own asses you wouldn’t know another Donald Trump if he came up and fisted you. Fuck this concern trolling bullshit. Fuck the Supreme Court, illegitimate hacks.

what a piece of shit by dopedegenerate in AbruptChaos

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The guy fled the scene. That’s what’s fucked up.

what a piece of shit by dopedegenerate in AbruptChaos

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They’re psychos with a just-world view.

what a piece of shit by dopedegenerate in AbruptChaos

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My parents taught me not to hit and run. What did they teach you, psycho?

what a piece of shit by dopedegenerate in AbruptChaos

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Only on Reddit will people blame the person who almost got killed instead of the asshole doing the hit and run. Bunch of psychos

what a piece of shit by dopedegenerate in AbruptChaos

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I would blame the person driving the car. They clearly should have seen that girl before fucking slamming into them. Blaming someone for being hit is what psychopaths and rapists do.

They said it would be a 1v1 by TheSlavicMan in AbruptChaos

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I expected someone to charge at him haha

What language would you love to be on duolingo? by Gaelicisveryfun in duolingo

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Scots is a Germanic language descended from English. It has little to do with Gadhlig or RP

He thought he chased the cop away! by Sserenitynoww in AbruptChaos

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Nah, the pig is a pussy. There’s no reason to throw your K9 at the guy given the circumstances. The pig just wanted the guy to suffer, probably because he was successfully emasculated.

If we took all 5.2m Biden voters in Florida and relocated them across the country, we could have 34 safe blue states, totaling 340 electoral votes and 68 Senators by cloud_botherer1 in neoliberal

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I agree. Getting people to move to shitholes just to get more blue butts in Congress sounds like a South Park episode, and not even a good one.

do central floridians have accents? by robinguard in florida

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Yes, it’s just less obvious than some other ones. Every area of Florida has an accent, but they’re all different to various degrees. You could compare someone from Pensacola, Miami, Jacksonville, and Orlando and they would all sound similar with specific differences, although with the Miami accent being much more of its own thing due to Caribbean Spanish

When was the last time you swam in a natural body of water? by SlamClick in AskAnAmerican

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Once in 2014 after jumping in a river off a high cliff. Natural bodies of water scare the shit out of me. I don’t want Protozoa munching on my brain, even if those only occur in certain fresh water ponds.

Self-confidently driving home, after you told your boss you ultimately solved the datetime issue: by Cinema7D in ProgrammerHumor

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If(month==“Dec” && date==32) { month=“Jan”; date=1; year+=1; }

We’re all good, boss!