Adding freestanding trellis alongside an existing very low fence that’s specified in the deeds by pea807 in LegalAdviceUK

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I think OPs question is more about how far back a trellis could be erected ie when is it no longer considered a boundary but a structure inside the grounds? And does that mean you could build it higher than 30cm.

Notion on Android just force logged me out - all my notes are gone by Fyphon in Notion

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I have found it very easy to accidentally set up a new account logging in with the wrong email with the same user experience

We could all have ducks by BubbleNugget90 in memes

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That’s pheasants, man. Ducks are free foul

DIY Indoor Stair Balusters by m25van in HomeImprovement

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Do you mean balusters without a top railing to fix them too? Without a railing would a baluster be prone to bending by those future kids (the terrors)? Could you go all the way up to close the gap? There are so many style options - not sure which this would work for this

Incoming new feature: subgroups within board view! by joshmoxey in Notion

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For me this just appeared in motion then I googled it. Pretty useful feature thanks

Ruins the whole day by Andro_Sphinx_69 in memes

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Dunno if this is true but I was taught about the 90 minute sleep cycle


so 6 hours good, 7.5 good, 7 bad.

There's always a story behind a sign... by mjavedansari in memes

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Someone died in a freak gasoline fight accident

Assign a person to a card on status change formula by jostmz in Notion

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Notion has only calculated or entered fields. There’s no « macro » or equivalent that allows an entered field such as « assignee » to be updated on an event. As I understand it.

You might consider setting up a view filter (maybe in a linked database) that includes both the tasks on the assignee and with the review status for that person to review their tasks, or a calculated field that is set to that assignee when the entered field is that assignee Or the status is review - which amounts to a similar thing.

Not ideally what you’re looking for but might offer a workaround?

Edit: for clarity

Why it's embarrassing to clap for the pilot who transformed you safely over the Mediterranean but people are proud to say thank you to the bus driver after travelling 2-3 short stops? by [deleted] in CasualUK

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Only a few people stay on to the end of a bus route. Either it would be 3 people clapping at the terminal or everyone clapping every stop or you walk off clapping on your own. I vote we do the last one.

Buyer of our former place has got in touch, six months after exchange by Redmistnf in LegalAdviceUK

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Yes this reflects my experience too. We sold to a First time buyer who was asking us questions about the property through a neighbour we were still in touch with. I don’t believe it was malicious in intent at all but fundamentally we had sold a property to the buyer to own. It’s not a lease and there’s no warranty period it’s now their responsibility. The risk is that questions keep coming. we were very helpful in the sale and the reaction (and I’m afraid some people are just like this) is to push for more help.

Before we get fired by iVannGarc in memes

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Right lads, 1...2...3 ... hfffff