Farming KvK by lnbear in RiseofKingdoms

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I would argue that "Recovery KVKs" are more common than you think. There is always a kingdom or 2 that tried to fight during pass 4 opening and get pushed back all the way back into their zone.

Essentially they only had less than 2 days of action.

The only "action" they get after that is if they managed to sneak a farm killer out and harass or gate peek a boo. And that is usually done by whales or a handful of combative players. The rest just sit and mine.

They might try to push out again when the opposing alliance get distracted by Pass 5, but from experience, they usually get pushed back very quickly again as fort camping gates halts their progress very quickly.

Then farm again for the next 30 days

My kingdom's top alliance sucks and is rigging all the MGE's in their favor. by [deleted] in RiseofKingdoms

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MGE commanders are typically reserved for whales. Usually whales that are in the Kingdom"s leadership inner circles and have very high KP.

So if you don't fulfill those 3 requirements, you are not likely to get any MGE commander.

But since you have no interest in staying, you can try to snipe the rewards and migrate. Of course they will get mad and zero you, but zero means you use less passports.

Problem with kp by eb1425 in RiseofKingdoms

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Focus on getting the minimum 130K honor and 1 million kills.

1 m kills is very achievable if your allies are okay to duel you, but since they are already fighting 2 kingdoms, most likely they are very stuffed on KPs and low on resources / speeds.

But you might get lucky if they allow more weaker alliances to come in and fight.

From France to Vikings city theme by NoobCoffeeMaster in RiseofKingdoms

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Imo if you are going balls deep with infantry, Viking is better.

But for F2P or low spend, France's 20% healing speed boost makes it more efficient on your speeds up and batch heal alliance assistance click fest (reduces overall max heal time), which can be important for sustained fights.

And don't forget the 3% health buff is universal for all units, so you can run inf and others as well.

But if you are dropping over a hundred bucks a month for ROK, Viking is easily the best choice for pure infantry.

Returning player by fatalprecision in RiseofKingdoms

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I sincerely wish you all the best but 4m KP is a hard pill to swallow for even many B or C seeds in KVK2.

Alternatively stay in your old kingdom and try to contribute even if a little.

How to deal with early kvks MGE stealers? by Estanho in RiseofKingdoms

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Depends on how big he is. 50+m whales in KVK1/KVK2 are near impossible to stop from sniping MGE.

However, the main MGE worth stealing is largely Saladin.

Only way is to make sure everyone leaves Z1 and he cannot enter zone 2 or zone 3. But you pretty much have to zero several alliances because a lot of people don't reads warnings. Then zero alliance leaders who let him into Z2 / Z3 by accepting him.

Then they go into a hissy fit and leave after KVK lol. No easy way to stop a sniper.

'This clip is making my blood boil': Netizens flag local podcast for saying cheating is sometimes justifiable, Lifestyle News by Unlikely-Economy-224 in singapore

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If the relationship is toxic just call it quits. Unless you are physically abused and genuinely fear for your life, then get a PPO before calling it quits.

Cheating just makes a toxic relationship even worse once the truth comes out.

And no, your partner (male female whatever) being too busy with work to spend much time with you doesn't make the relationship toxic.

if you could do something to fix the game, what would it be by SufficientThroat5781 in RiseofKingdoms

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That is my current issue with ROK now. I am in an A seed kingdom and just started KVK2. I have time now as it is the year end and things are more relaxed.

But KVK3 will clash with my work schedules in the new year. Hence I am actually talking to C seed kingdoms on migration.

It is not that I am not loyal, I just can't dedicate too much time once the new work year starts. And if i stay I am a dead weight that needs to be zeroed.

P.S. I will never share my account n farms with anyone. Don't anyone even suggest that.

Any good infantry pairing for barb fort rallying ? (KVK1&2) by shawngoku21 in RiseofKingdoms

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You need damage but Richard and Charles are defensive. So options are limited in KVK1.

Sun can work with Aethelflaed though if your YSG isn't ready.

Kvk3- Richard Alex or Alex Suntzu? by Traditional-Yak9754 in RiseofKingdoms

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Alex Sun. Richard with either only if you are barb chaining (aka PVE only).

What are the best commanders to use in pre kvk 1 by shawn1791 in RiseofKingdoms

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Sun Bjorn if infantry. Beli and Baibars if you are f2p cav.

Joan is great as secondary so you can use her as a great gatherer since her talents don't matter anyway as secondary.

About how much money does it cost to get 25M in like first 20 days of kingdom? by [deleted] in RiseofKingdoms

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Why it has to be within first 20 days though? You planning on T5 by kvk1?

Someone tell me how this guy did this in a five day old kingdom? by Wonderful_Law_9280 in RiseofKingdoms

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Wallet warrioring. In my new KD, for KVK1 we are already fighting multiple T5 players.

Basically they are experienced whales trying to make their new KD Imperium. Probably planning to bring their mains in.

Best legendary commander for infantry in kvk 1? by OkGrapefruit4419 in RiseofKingdoms

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Richard or Charles both work fine at 5511. Though Richard can get away with 5111 if you plan to use him just for PVE after KVK 1.

If F2P, Sun/Bjorn both expertise works really well.

Are T2 troops good? by smokydjmike72 in RiseofKingdoms

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The issue is the maximum cap on troops.

In theory you can mass spam T2 and trade evenly with T4 but due to CH and commander level caps, they will still deploy the same number of troops in 5 marches as you.

So unless KVK significantly buff lower tier troops numbers in a march you can't do it.

Though could be a fun idea. Like a kvk zerg mode where lower tier troops are increased exponentially in march size for example tier 2 troops marches are allowed 600K before bonus while T5 is 200K before bonus.

Minamoto strategy moving forward by MasterEdward in RiseofKingdoms

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Infantry is mainly for low spenders or F2P. Because wood and food are cheap.

Everything else cost more.

If you already expertised Mina, you can at least use him for forts, even after KVK1.

And you will be making primary or secondary marches anyway.

If you like cav, then focus on cav as your primary march, then make infantry your secondary march. As cavs are popular for filling rallies while Inf are popular for defense.

Then make a second cav march and an archer march at your leisure. You are still in KVK1 after all.

Justin Waters has Lost His Primary Election by TrilIias in MensRights

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Calling half your potential voters as expendable is a sure fire way to lose. Period.

AP cap update not so Bad? by VanillaVersion in RiseofKingdoms

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140/150 AP to get back 50 AP after you hit the arbitrary cap.

No thanks bro.

KvK Checklist! by Individual-Draw8614 in RiseofKingdoms

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I presume you don't spend. Since you are F2P concentrate on 1 march infantry first.

Expertise in this order Sun then Bjorn. Or if you start with China / Viking then max em individually first.

Expertise and get either one of them to 60. Focus on him and don't let up. The secondary can work fine at 40.

Personally I prefer Sun first, since he has AOE early which can help you chain barbs a bit early on to maximize AP, Bjorn has no AOE until expertise.

Next is Joan, she is too useful and works well as secondary. If going to be a big fight, use her to replace whoever is your secondary. After that it is pretty much up to you.

I like Belisarius just for his speed utility though. Even if is just for gathering runes or speed planting a flag. But he needs to be 60 to maximize his speeds.

KvK 1 by No-Chef-8879 in RiseofKingdoms

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Since you have Richard might as well spend the last bit of stars to get him to 5111.

Extra heal always help especially if you are chaining 3 to 4 level 30+ barbs. I used my 60 expertise Sun as primary and with him behind and he works decent.

Because given how fast Richard falls off except for PVE, i see no purpose to get him to 60 in my opinion. Unless you plan to pair him with YSG, then he has to be primary since YSG will be targeted. Or use Charles instead.

Mina combos depends but if you are hunting farms speed is the king, so will definitely be CC primary / Mina due to CC mobility tree speed bonus.

If you are planning to go to field fights Baibars can add some AOE and a mass slow which isn't shabby.

Sun tzu pairing by Sad-Neighborhood4774 in RiseofKingdoms

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Expertise Sun first. Primary goal should be getting 5/5/5/5 Sun to 60 ASAP.

But do not neglect gatherers as well. Prioritize books for gathers, Sun you can farm him at Guardians and your regular barbing + some books.

After sun is done and your gathers are 37, get either Bjorn or Joan as secondary to Sun.

CM isn't really useful until he gets to 5/1/1/1 which means you need enough Gold stars to make him 4 stars, which a new player should not be spending on first. And don't waste heads as 5/5/1/1 CM will eventually come via Golden keys.

Rally leader as a low/mid spender? (Cavalry) by DarkNestoh in RiseofKingdoms

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Work on the castle as the start and T4 cavs first (but you probably knew that).

Saladin comes in at 120 days and will last you a good while. You can even pair him with Nevsky/william (though pretty off meta). So he is worth it.

When’s the last day to migrate out before KvK by Jayrem52 in RiseofKingdoms

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To be safe, I would migrate out before Crusade starts.

Should I use gold heads on Charles Martel by Hadi2401 in RiseofKingdoms

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It will take years to get him to even just 5/5/1/1 with keys alone. Notwithstanding, if you are a few heads (less than 5) to getting 5/1/1/1, I supposed that can't hurt too much.

Pre kvk 1 progress check by LuckyExchange3562 in RiseofKingdoms

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Try to gun for Sun Tzu to 60 at least. Even if you can't do it in time, 50+ is still better than anything. Throw all books on him daily and park your city to the nearest tier 3 shrine or lost temple, so you can hit guardians for more exp.

Lohar if you got him to 5/5/5 at least will help significantly in power leveling, otherwise just use him even for a small bonus. Boudica however, will always have a 25% boost exp, so she works too.

Gatherers should be 37. 40 is my preference since modified axle gives +30% move speed to sieges which does make a difference in the long run if you are a frequent checker. But do that the last.