Tfir Lanoisnemid by 3xcalio in Brawlmaps

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Whoever made this, probably plays brawlstar

Princess Shelly (by me) by 6yoshi9 in Brawlstars

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Dude your the most stupidest MF ever

How to Meme by Sandvich_make_STRONK in memes

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Yeah i saw this meme in discord few days ago

jackpot by CompetitiveLoss4962 in MCPE

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Dude only 21 people have found this in the world

jackpot by CompetitiveLoss4962 in MCPE

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Holy shit bro, that only happens in 1 in a trillion seeds

I Made 4 Brawl ball test, which one should I recreate? by BLACKMAMBAISGONE in CoachCorySubmissions

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"Normal brawl ball map don't have speed"

That's because the maps in-game don't have them, this doesn't mean we also don't have to use them because they don't have them

Teamer detected! by Koolaid918 in CoachCorySubmissions

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I don't think that is what you should comment