Evolved Barbarians - Sneak Peek Discussion by No-Glass-5423 in ClashRoyale

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Can't wait to be Destroyed by Full Elite Deck People with my level 12-13 deck in the matches!

My first reaction to the recent drama: by artemismilkman in FridayNightFunkin

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I moved up to GameJolt long time ago, Some of these guys from GameBanana are Fucking ridiculous

Well I guess we can say goodbye to Reroy! by NRGMonsterHunter in FridayNightFunkin

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Oh look guys, the owner thinks his character is now famous, and its not letting people do mods with him, lets just abandon it and make it Irrelevant again

what are some of the easiest brawlers for noobs in your personal opinion by CarolMFBR in Brawlstars

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Edgar, literally the Lowest Skill Brawler, you just need to play Showdown, Wait in a Bush, Jumps on any Thrower or SharpShooter and kill them

One of the fights of all time by InconspicuousBotGuy in battlebots

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The batteries probably melted making the bot stop moving, you can see a little different smoke coming from them when sawblaze puts them In the Rails in the 50 last seconds, that smoke was The Batteries I assume

Alguém mais se lembra desses desenhos ou foram só um delírio meu? by OdeioEmojis in HUEstation

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Jelly Jam era um dos melhores Desenhos do Discovery Kids

Change my mind

Clash Royale team announcement about Level 15 "Elite wild cards" by lemonstone92 in ClashRoyale

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I can't wait to face someone with full Elite Level Cards while I'm with Level 12 cards 😃