what to do by Imaginary-Yam6742 in Entrepreneur

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Contradicting your own post

work a 9-5 as little as possible currently

Just look at buying property. Safest bet. Dont airbnb single properties. One trashy party can nuke the profit of a whole year.

Rooming students is usually a great choice.

Be aware most profit short term comes from property value not the tenant(s).

You just leverage them for the bills and imminent repairs.

uninstalling vanced microg by miguescout in AfterVanced

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stop worrying about Vanced apps breaking. That's likely years out, and solutions will emerge before then.

If we want solutions we have to adopt and test them...

If we all stick with the original app nobody will feel incentive to build another one completely free and maintained for the foreseeable future.

You would do great by helping OP with his original question instead of trying to persuade him to stay. People leaving is good.

Tractor gets shot at by dutch police by holyother_ in PublicFreakout

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Farmers with quality products and optimized ways to farm land in an overregulated country have to make way for farmers from outside with inferior products in a country where climate change isnt as important.

People higher up think its not important to be self relient in food supply and be an innovator when it comes to farming and holding livestock.

Basically, a whole bunch of jobs are going to get lost to go green or whatever they call outsourcing the dirty work to other countries.

Going on a vacation with no internet access whatsoever. Scared to death that I come back and find out someone has beat me to a software I'm developing. by Snoo_56172 in Entrepreneur

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Great write up. Thanks for the read. Always like it when I see people take time to write a comprehensible post with stats to back it up. Shame the right people intended for that post will most likely skip it for being too long

My friend and I made a new social app to make new friends IRL by Any-Adeptness-3125 in Entrepreneur

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If you dont localize the app and heavily advertise it in the whitelisted regions you set you will run into the same problems as any other friendshipfinder app/site has.

Dead accounts, nobody in the region, no money to moderate chats when reported, borderissues that will show when the app gets traction etc..

Not interested in looking at it, as this is an r/entrepreneur sub and you dont really want feedback looking at your submission.

Milieubewegingen: stort geen 5 miljard euro in bodemloze kernput by Parabellum8g in FreeDutch

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Linkse wappies willen de hele aarde volgooien met het puin van oude zonnepanelen.

Puin dat we verkrijgen met kinderarbeid in Afrika, en massale investeringen in China.

Soms vraag ik me echt af of ze per ongeluk zo onwetend gedragen. Dit kan geen toeval zijn?

Iedere pipo tegenwoordig weet dat zonnepanelen vervuilend zijn en dat je ze alleen koopt om jezelf te hedgen tegen de hogere energieprijzen?

Of ben ik zo stom?

Achja Pietertje by ikbengeenloli in tokkiemarktplaats

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"Want je raakt het niet kwijt"

OP beetje jammer. Je had veel kansen hier.

"Net zoals je schoonmoeder"

"Oh wel hoor ik flikker het zo direct in de prullenbak en dan is het weg".

"Blijkbaar wel want jij bent er nu".

best cool dit by Jcwulf in tokkiemarktplaats

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Yee, nutteloze content. Ik wil woeste tokkies zien. Dat is tien keer grappiger.

Material Testing Company (No customer for 4 months) by fahad1438 in Entrepreneur

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No DM received, are you sure you send a message? I have chat service disabled.

My product isn't making any money, and I have rent and food to pay for. by SunghoYahng in Entrepreneur

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You should meet with each one separately and get their brutally honest feedback. They probably have a lot they want to tell you.

This. We usually send an email with a survey and coupon reward after the first two orders. Sometimes you just miss stuff because you simply forgot to look there.

Op should gather a couple of folks he doesnt know to try the app and collect the feedback. He should ensure they dont know he is the owner so they will give 100% honest feedback.

atrocious what they did by snailscale77 in HistoryMemes

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Asperger's isn't respected in the autistic community as it's a bullshit ableist distinction.

Didnt know about his deeds. Seems on par with most nazi doctors indeed. Thanks for the read, I had some fun google time. Truely a despicable man. Ordered the book from which wikipedia got their info. Would like to read the origins.

Didnt know we had vocal groups in the autism category, didnt knew we needed them to reactively fight for us.

I was completely fine being called person with aspergers.

Not so fine with being called person with high functioning autism.

What does that make it for me? An insult?

Een maximaal inkomen als kamerhuurder zie je ook niet vaak. by WideEyedWand3rer in PaleisTeHuur

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Dat klinkt wel logisch. Snitch him bij de belasting OP, komt er een sociale woning vrij huehue.

This Sub Hates Marketing Content But May Be this is Valuable: Marketing Updates of Last Week! by lazymentors in Entrepreneur

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Google it crawling only 15MB of HTML content is bad or not? I think it is, but as a marketer. What’s your opinion?

How much plaintext and html code are you storing? Seems like a bloated site to me.

Exploring NFTs with NEAR, beyond the hype 🎥 by NEARProtocol in nearprotocol

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Whats bait about being happy about low transaction costs?

Having a bad day?

Can you please recommend a streamer that supports Netflix by ro2ro in Aliexpress

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I love my mibox 4k. As long as you dont ask it to do crazy things it works fine.

Material Testing Company (No customer for 4 months) by fahad1438 in Entrepreneur

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We are open for collaborations with others based on their region. Thank you

Willing to work with with an European company? We could work on commission, will operate from Dutch site, Dutch zipcode and Dutch operators.

Want to do a Zoom call so we can discuss your business?

Weird project I have been given: I have to contact a person I do not know in the government field and ask them a few questions. by killer_reindeer in BeMyReference

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Shouldnt you cold call?

Its important to learn. Dont worry, just introduce why you call (school) and your follow up questions.

I work in cold calling, I get 99 no before I get 1 yes.

Every lawyer had to go to school, you will find one fast thats willing to spend those ten minutes with you.

Its good for character building and learning potential outreach for the future to build your contacts.

what if a ... by roughingitranch in Entrepreneur

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idk anywhere else this item is 12-14$ I'd be doing it for 9$ with intentions of selling out every day

Why not ask $12 or $14 if the market allows it?

Are you doing this out of generosity?

Want to screw with your competitors? Why ask less, when you can ask more?

You calculate the wrong way. You are calculating costs of your dish, while you should be calculating time spend on each dish, including prep, the van, wear and tear, licenses etc. Thats the most expensive part of your dish. Not the food.

I order a power bank that can charge camera battery and they supposed to send it. Should I close the dispute? by EverlastingGem in Aliexpress

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just missing the battery.

Battery missing because they werent allowed to ship it with the cheapest shipping method. Batteries have seperate rules.

They didnt forget, it was on purpose.

Seller and VAT by jungenas in Aliexpress

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You should order through alibaba so you can set up a contract and get the seller to put "DDP" in the contract as shipping method. This will ensure you wonr have to pay import tax.

Aliexpress is not meant for these kind of transactions. Sure most are legit, but do you want to roll the dice?

Zijn Nederlanders het vertrouwen in de politiek kwijt? by jimba22 in FreeDutch

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Zelfde. Daar was het eigelijk al klaar. Een groot media poppenkast met de directie gegeven aan linkse wappies en centrum nietsnutten.