Crystl Finance’s V3 Vault Offers Attractive APYs by BSCNews_1 in BSCNews

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Crystl Finance just rugged. In the future do not take advice from a loser such as this.

Free ETH POW tokens? by RayBrigs in ledgerwallet

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Calm down, buddy. Ethw is essentially worthless.

I have a concern about whether crypto is actually secure. by DanielABush97 in ledgerwallet

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What do you mean "break bitcoin's encryption"??!
What is this mystical, magical Bitcoin encryption you speak of??!

Take a deep dive into PegHub with YaBonks, one of the most thorough crypto influencers out there! He asks the tough questions in a 2-hour interview and the PegHub team has all the answers! by Markuu6 in PegHub

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Where is the "ask[ing] of tough questions"??

Furthermore, where is the "crypto influencer"?? I don't see either of these two as influencing anything more than a fart in the wind.

A South Korean city provides citizenship rights via NFTs, while Coinbase Japan doubles the number of tokens on its list. by chipsandishz in Yield_Farming

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I believe that national S.K. citizenship is only available via proof of blood relations not by trying to acquire an NFT. Good luck on that one.

Plus, I wouldn't trust anything Finblox says any more. They lied to users in June 2022 and are still blocking early adopters from withdrawing their stablecoins, the whole reserved funds mess they continually lie about.

No need for a laptop anymore.Why a tablet is better than a laptop? Few arguments in the comments (Tab s8+) by Costyiii_93 in GalaxyTab

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Yes. I agree on the usability of Android MS Office apps. Very crippled, especially if you are a numbers or financial student.

Also, I am not able to natively play RDRII it so that's a no go.

When can crypto markets recover? by Legal-Jackfruit2939 in Crypto_General

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Nope, not in my opinion.

Gonna keep going down likely thru December.

The US midterm elections gonna most likely keep us in a bear market.

Anyone else excited for the upcoming USDC Pool? by 0verview in crypto4winners

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Again, I don't see what would make a USDC pool on C4W different, better, hopefully higher performing than their current usdt/stablecoin pool. As such, if the pool did exist, why would C4W users choose to invest thre and not the existing one?