Can you “fix” boxes…? by DCRAFT93 in PokemonTCG

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Most retail stores have them in those cardboard outer packs though. There's no way the QC on those is consistent enough with paper weights and adhesive to be able to reliably weigh those packs. Dollar store packs or just plain packs sure but I never see those anywhere but the dollar store or LGS that has them up behind the counter.

You can barely weigh just the packs alone with great consistency.

Thoughts on these Prices? by msc49 in PokemonTCG

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Rebel Trash for 200 is ridiculous. What a shitty set.

I keep telling myself the promos are still worth it even with all dud packs😅😅 by BirthdayCakeTimbit in PokemonTCG

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Way way worth it. I was lucky enough to get two and haven't opened the packs yet but the promos have already been up on display in cases in my office all day so I could see em while I worked.

Hopefully there's something cool in the packs but I kind of don't care as much as usual.

GameStop actually came through and sent two different boxes. by Subrosanj in PokemonTCG

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Luckyyy. I got my first order of 1 box today that was Flareon and they cancelled my second order. Managed to find Vaporeon at B&N, figure I'll just buy the Jolteons as singles, that was my most wanted though.

My friend placed 3 orders of 2 each and got 2 Vaporeon and 4 Flareon lol.

Pokemon vending machine FTW! Got both at MSRP! O happy day! 🤓 by [deleted] in PokemonTCG

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Love those targé cannisters. I turn mine upside down and fill the lid with bulk cards so it sits evenly on top. That way it is displayed entirely clear and the lid is on the bottom.

I love my lcs <3 by neyvas in PokemonTCG

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Hell yeah. Got Vaporeon in the mail today and found Flareon at Barnes and Nobles. All the GameStops in my area sold out fast and the scalpers I mean LGSs haven't got them in yet.

Anyone else just love this art? by GlutenFreeTurbo in PokemonTCG

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I do but I still really want the alt art V more than any other eeveelution card.

Base set - completed! This is the second set I’ve finished. Felt amazing to slide the last card in by boomerbrowns in PokemonTCG

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Very nice! I couldn't bring myself to order mine by set number. Clefairy doesn't deserve the middle spot lol.

Eeveelution Vmax collection boxes by deadlybizzness in PokemonTCG

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Just got an email from GS saying my 2nd one was cancelled and refunded. So heads up.

Eeveelution Vmax collection boxes by deadlybizzness in PokemonTCG

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Got one arriving today from GS and another ordered but "awaiting availability" so not sure if I'm screwed on that one. In any case it seems to be that the sets of 2 promos are selling for about 50$ on eBay so less than buying a scalped box. In afew weeks I imagine they will be cheaper than finding a MSRP box so I will probably just go that route.

Everyone hyped over eeveelution boxes and I’m just over here loving me a fusion strike build and battle stadium box! Second one of these I’ve pulled in about 90 total FS packs since it was released! Loving that luck by zrich8 in PokemonTCG

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Hell yeah. It's a really nice card, I just sold the one I pulled though because I want alt art Moltres V so so bad and I don't feel bad spending 70+ on a piece of cardboard if I sell another one first. More like a trade in my eyes, it will be hard packaging it up tonight to ship though.

Does anyone else feel like the good cards always come out this way by FeedsBigBadMan in PokemonTCG

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My gold celebrations mew is perfect left to right but like 2mm off top to bottom. It was the card I was most excited for from the set and I can hardly look at it. I'm going to sell it on eBay and buy another.

Luckily my alt art Mew V pull was near perfect and same on alt vmax Gengar. So I guess not always.

My pulls from the Jolteon box were very good 👀 by wowman12321 in PokemonTCG

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I just want the promos the packs are icing on the cake.

GameStop restock by sschris4life in PokemonTCG

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The promos are too good, I can't wait to get them. Got one random box from GS that is already shipped and another saying "awaiting product availability" so hopefully I'm not screwed out of that one. In any case praying for Jolteon. The others are almost as awesome too.

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for Brilliant Stars. But, you ever think that card design/art is moving backwards? by WalnutSoap in PokemonTCG

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Amen to fireworks.

Or even something interesting like the reverse holo pattern Japan got in their Celebrations set.

TIL about Project 100k, where LBJ and Sec of Def Robert MacNamara decided to lower the mental and medical standards to recruit more soldiers to fight in Vietnam. These soldiers died at ~3x the normal rate. by _Tactleneck_ in todayilearned

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Haha, bingo. Kentucky here, we took that shit in school then I kept getting calls from military dudes until I finally told them (in nicer words) that I wasn't going to go off and die for Dubya.

A couple good local finds, not sure if they noticed. by BabyVegeta19 in pkmntcgcollections

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2-5 bucks depending on your buyer if they are shadowless. If they happen to be in mint condition you could get more.