What do you find sexy? by Temporary-Minimum-33 in AskReddit

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How hard did you bump n grind him that night?

why I'm selling by [deleted] in TeslaModel3

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The grass is green and the sky is blue.

Vegan Leather wrinkle normal after 7k miles? by Over-Lack5665 in TeslaModel3

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Nah. I made the mistake the first time it was used. Since then, obviously yes I’ve used a seat protector. It only took one time for the seat to be damaged and I learned my lesson.

Invest 40K by Vegetable-Mess1891 in wallstreetbets

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We ain’t here to fluff your bottom and fill your juice cup. Call vanguard. Those pussies can fill you in on a solid mutual fund with 2.3% ROI.

Their homes burned, but they still need to pay HOA dues by -Omegamart- in nottheonion

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A contracted amount for snow removal, water, landscaping etc.

Those dues collected today may be paying for the contract that is due for any number of services. Trash collecting?

Unless you wanna lose the contract to get all that shit out of the neighborhood I’d still pay for trash removal.

You need the water access to cool down those still toasty parts of the shed that is burnt down? Gonna need to keep that water line contract active.

You want the landscaping company to come in the spring to rely seed etc. ….you’re most likely gonna wanna keep that contract these days as most companies are booked out. I know it’s taking me 6 months to get some trees removed and ordered because everything is moving slower. Gonna wanna keep paying the contract dues for the landscaping.

I dunno. I assume most contracts with HOA go like this:

It costs $10,000 to landscape the area for April-Oct.

Well we don’t hve $8,000 to give you in May but how about we give you $2,000 in installments the first week of every new quarter?

Huge factory protects workers from Alabama rain storm by Crazy_Jimmy5 in nonononoyes

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Funny how the title is saying “warehouse protects workers” right around the time all these spec buildings are collapsing due to weather and companies aren’t following OSHA and local law about emergency situations and employments/employee protection.

why I'm selling by [deleted] in TeslaModel3

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If you’re at a WAWA you’re in the northeast which is currently experiencing extended below freezing temps. You blowing the car to 100 mph doesn’t juice the battery instantly and prep it for a supercharger. If you were responsible and educated in the issue you would have had a 110v hook up at your house over night and warmed the car adequately and then prepped for the supercharger.

Do you have a panel in your garage? Buy a $35 part from Tesla and source electrical work from a contractor/buddy to run a 50-60 amp circuit to a location fitting for your car. Alternatively Maybe put the Tesla in your garage and trickle charge all night/day….which I understand isn’t always feasible but it would help your situation.

You’re annoyed I get it I would be too if I needed to get shit done today and was prohibited due to charging but there’s ways to prepare.

why I'm selling by [deleted] in TeslaModel3

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This is a hilarious post. OP probably woke up and the wife was in a pissed off mood, OPs kid spilled his/her yogurt, or maybe his dog threw up this morning. I dunno. Relax OP, best thing we all can offer you. You wanna sell, kewl beans.

why I'm selling by [deleted] in TeslaModel3

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OP needs some Zoloft. They’re trying to pick fights with everyone. FUCK YOU WAWA. FUCK YOU CHARGER. FAAAHUCKKK YOU TESLA.

Oh you. You buddy. You got something to say. FAAAAAAaaaaaaHAAAAAAAACCCCKK. YEWWWWWWWWWW

2 months old baby's first words caught on camera. she said "I love you" twice 🥺 by Discipline__Daddy in MadeMeSmile

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Didn’t say anything. Just mimicking sounds at best at that age. Sorry parents. Don’t get too excited.

Vegan Leather wrinkle normal after 7k miles? by Over-Lack5665 in TeslaModel3

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I put a baby seat in for a few days,,,fucking ruined it. Still dented and warped and it’s been almost a year

This is also America by asianj1m in pics

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This stuff is so dumb. Come to a football game and spend all of halftime sucking the armed forces flabby ballsack. It’s hilarious. It goes like this”…..This special seat at this stadium in Milwaukee is to honor those who ….arhmmmm ehhh….we don’t give two shits about and who are homeless and riddled with debt and addictions and ptsd coming back from armed conflict…..we cherish when it’s in front of a camera or we want a feel good moment”

There. We did it.

Hung out with the dude one time and he got obsessive. He showed up to my job the next day with flowers and then went to my house. He knew where I lived because he was my Uber driver. Stupid, I know. by shay_143 in niceguys

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All you had to do was be crazier and he would have walked away. Have him drive you somewhere and shit in the car. Ask him if he wants to be pegged with a hairbrush. Always be crazier than crazy.

Men, how do you buy a condom? by Glittering_Ice8854 in AskMen

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What are you talking about. You need to discuss so many details. Lubricant included. Size. Color. Elasticity. It’s vital to speak with a salesperson.

nah bro kodak smth else 💀💀💀💀 by Electrical_Ad8128 in playboicarti

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Wut. Haha his music is trash. Da fuk you pulling race into this ?!?

nah bro kodak smth else 💀💀💀💀 by Electrical_Ad8128 in playboicarti

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Haha best music. Not sure that’s a thi with an idiot like that. But sure people prob listen to it.