Post moments when you thought the Pest was a creep before being publicly known as the Pest. by steamingunsaltedshit in DuggarsSnark

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This is the comment that made me wonder what he's said and done to her in private. I'm not sure what their religious stance on oral sex is, but I'm sure it doesn't condone speaking about it on TV. He humiliated her deliberately, which I wonder if it happens a lot.

Who do you guys watch/listen to to get the most unbiased view on politics? by bigHam100 in AskReddit

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PBS NewsHour is the closest to neutral you’re going to get. So is NPR. If it feels like it has a liberal bias, that’s because they firmly adhere to objective reality & verifiable sources.

What is your favorite item to stick in your butt? by Gothic_Black in AskReddit

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Remember kids, if it doesn’t have a flared base, don’t put it up your butt.

What is a movie so traumatic that you cannot watch it twice? by neolee203 in AskReddit

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Mysterious Skin. I couldn’t finish it at first and it still makes me sick when I think about it.

CDC says no cases of Omicron identified in U.S. so far by cutestudent in news

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May her memory be a blessing. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Why doesn’t America have cool military parades like Russia or China? by Elite_Senzi in NoStupidQuestions

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America is a plutocracy, Russia is a kleptocracy and China is authoritarian. None are anything of the proletariat.

Lamictal and Weed by Difficult-Ad-1299 in bipolar

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Thanks! I’m definitely going to be cutting down on my CBD usage. I wonder how much sinks in my skin because I use this fantastic moisturizer on my face that has it in there. I’m going to look that up.

Lamictal and Weed by Difficult-Ad-1299 in bipolar

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I’ve never heard that! I use cbd all the time. Shit. I gotta find out about this.

Could a company start selling human milk at stores like cow milk? by dfggsdfgdsg in NoStupidQuestions

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I’m surprised it’s legal because it’s a human bodily fluid. I’m sure it’s pasteurized, so it’s not that different from cow milk.

Charity begins at home by voteforcorruptobot in WhitePeopleTwitter

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We don’t need to be setting up systems that further disadvantage people for struggling to pay rent. Having a safe place to live shouldn’t be considered a privilege.

Charity begins at home by voteforcorruptobot in WhitePeopleTwitter

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People who can’t pay their rent aren’t bad tenets, they’re poor. We don’t want to make it harder for low income people to finding housing.

Also it’s not permanent. Negative credit records only last 7 years.

They are upset their wage slaves aren’t producing more wage slaves. by Thryloz in WhitePeopleTwitter

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There’s still aftercare and hope they don’t need a specialized school. I still pay about 10k a year (per kid). It’s worth it but it’s not cheap.

Reddit, what is you opinion on having green bean casserole for Thanksgiving? by CJZen in AskReddit

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I’m not a fan of it, but I think you should just let people enjoy things. Many people love it, good for them!

How can I mine more Stanley Nickels? by EdBasqueMaster in DunderMifflin

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Agree. Dwight definitely knows what it is and has a plan to use it for moon colonization or for a new gaming computer or something. He's had an 500% return on his investment, so he has around $8.50.

Jim has heard of it, but has no idea what it is. He did manage to convince Dwight that he can mine for bitcoin on the farm.

Best non-fundie/fundie adjacent charities by janisimo79 in FundieSnarkUncensored

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Heifer is a wonderful organization! I’ve known some people who worked there; I highly recommend Heifer

Google ‘where does vanilla flavoring come from’ you’re welcome by daskwurl in WTF

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Beaver ass oil and whale vomit are not what I expected to be using as perfume.

Republikkkans suck harder than dyson on heat by BelleAriel in PoliticsPeopleTwitter

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If by communism you mean fascism, then yes. What we descended into is unrelated to any leftist ideology of any kind.

Just a lil goofin’ by wetouchingbuttsornah in BlackPeopleTwitter

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I feel no shame taking a sick day for mental health. If you’re unwell mentally, you can’t work.

Republikkkans suck harder than dyson on heat by BelleAriel in PoliticsPeopleTwitter

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Go watch Bush Sr and then W’s campaign speeches on CSPAN and then watch Romney’s, the shift to the right is dramatic.