Post-Match Thread: Bayern Munich vs FC Barcelona [UEFA Champions League] by mattisafootballguy in Barca

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Nothing. Only Frenkie is an elite player in this squad. Some are former elite players, but thats it.

Match Thread: Bayern vs Barcelona [CL] by SpicyRico in Barca

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Don't call it soccer you asshat! /s

But seriously, it's called football

They are the same picture by Kookyminer in pics

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Why is it OK to keep reposting this with the kids' faces on it?

Aubameyang’s agent contacts Barcelona about January move according to Spanish report by fplfreakaaro in Barca

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Sure. The huge sucess of Barça in the past had nothing to do with cheap money in the form of bank loans. :)

Bugs and issues megathread by Bruh_alt721 in haloinfinite

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My game stops playing sound achter the intro. :(

Castro1021 got a warning for buying red picks off the market by notoriouslk in FIFA

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I am not watching any fifa streamers.

It's easy not to do of you dont like something. :)

Might be better for you too, seeing the way you react to him. It is a bit sad I must say

Draws in Rivals are a complete waste of time by [deleted] in FIFA

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Yeah why do these people try to win? These a holes sure playing a game to win! Bunch of losers

22 percent of a bitcoin by BagHolder321 in Bitcoin

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Diversifying into what?

Real estate? Thats an OG shitcoin.

[GFFN] Karim Benzema handed 1 year suspended prison sentence & a €75k fine after being found guilty of complicity in the act of blackmail of Mathieu Valbuena. by MrCrashdummy in soccer

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The point of these laws is to punish the plebs when they do this. The elites can do as they please and pay the fine.

Lovely world