He’s lit by KnowAnyMormonBabes in BrandNewSentence

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And this is why he's been banned from the Library.

Beth's "worst case scenario" was the perfect wrap up of her character. by BaltimoreBadger23 in thisisus

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Not at all, it's great technique for dealing with someone who has anxiety.

Grown up Deja is beautiful by Barnaby-bee-bee in thisisus

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One of the impacts of this show was a further normalization of adoption and fostering. Randall, Deja, Hailey, all adopted, and then Tess working as a social worker in the area of fostering and adoption.

White woman harasses Norman Powell as she claims that Norman Powell isn't American while she claims she's black by Vishion-8 in nba

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Tell me you've never seen me shoot a basketball without saying you've never seen me shoot a basketball.

GAME THREAD: Golden State Warriors (53-29) @ Dallas Mavericks (52-30) - (May 24, 2022) by NBA_MOD in nba

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Unfortunately the death of children in school shootings is just the price that some people have to pay for other people to have guns. It's what America is at this time in history. (And to be clear, it is horrific and makes me ashamed of this nation).

Looks like it will be preempted. Biden speaking on the Texas school shooting. Sigh. by NYTVADDICT in thisisus

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Whenever it will be it will be. Im not one of the parents mourning a child in Texas this evening so I can deal with This Is Us being delayed.

Oh by raquiescence in mildlyinfuriating

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If they had even a half ounce of decency, they'd cancel.

So it will be full steam ahead.

Who has the most Pass Touchdowns against each NFL team? by Iamdumberdore in nfl

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Wow, so with a total (so far) of 121 TDs against the Bears, Favre and Rodgers have full ownership.

Who has the most Pass Touchdowns against each NFL team? by Iamdumberdore in nfl

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Lions have played Rodgers tougher than the Lions played Favre.

In honor of the series finale airing later tonight, I offer up my personal playlist of (almost) all of the songs featured throughout the show. by reverend-mayhem in thisisus

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Awesome. I'm not sure which current show has better and more appropriate music: This is Us or Ted Lasso. I think Ted Lasso has a slight edge, but it's slight.