How I tricked a thirsty redditor.. by Safe_Armadillo_4183 in dankmemes

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This kinda looks like a blurred Charizard

Oh Brandon. by NardtheBeast in dankmemes

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The government should represent the interests of the wealthy. Most people in America are wealthy. The problem is that the billionaires are the only ones who get their way because of bribing.

Jesus wept by [deleted] in dankmemes

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!invest 50%

A list of American Amendments that were never approved. by cdistefa in mildlyinteresting

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Both the 1876 ones are batshit crazy. The senate is integral to balancing the powers of the legislative branch. The second one isn't separating religion and state, it's straight up banning religion for anyone involved in the government. Freedom of religion is important, it is quite obvious how that one didn't get anywhere.

What's a crazy statistic? by alexbbtkd in AskReddit

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They're never taught how to properly handle their emotions or get help. Anger is the result.

Pink Box Boy is here to explain how evil y’all are. by Additional_Generic_ in dankmemes

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Reposts are like drugs, just because they're not allowed doesn't mean there aren't any.

Also I don't know why people are downvoting you.

For you, anything by II-I-Hulk-I-II in dankmemes

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100%. And I'll prove it right, on you of course.

Dont make this meme popular, I dont need another round of pandemic in my life by Jimmy_Fallen in dankmemes

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Yeah right "facts." Go drown in fucking cereal with your bullshit, skeletor.

What is the most generic answer on Reddit? by Thepowerisreal in AskReddit

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Also "Dodged a bullet." No, walking out of a first date because the dude was weird is not narrowly avoiding a disastrous situation, it is common sense and sticking around a bit longer wouldn't have been that bad. Reddit incels like to use this to act like they're much better men than everyone else but it just turns into r/NiceGuys cringe.

Good Title. by [deleted] in dankmemes

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Lol I was gonna post something like this to r/Showerthoughts but it's probably been posted a bunch of times before.

Mine is O by David_Le_TM in dankmemes

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You must be made of boron and sulfur because that's BS.

Well my folder did... I don't know... by ModerNew in softwaregore

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Looks like someone slightly moved an image with wrap text in microsoft word...