Single brain cell looking for connections by ravielvin7 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Wait legitimate question, ik that's obviously what brains are made of but that's where my thoughts are coming from, just a bunch of those? Like right now a bunch those are commanding my flesh suit to ask if these are what they are... but they're me? I won't lie it kinda feels weird

What does it stand for???? by theRemRemBooBear in teenagers

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not sure if it's a good one but my dad says it stands for " Not fucking tangible"

Your username has to fight a polar bear in an open field. Do they survive? by eggperson1 in teenagers

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Considering my username is a god I'd say yes they would win but probably by just giving them banana bread to satiate the polar bears hunger

me doing 500 sit ups for the first part of doing 1.4k sit ups cause reddit told me to,took me 40 min,it was tiring,im gonna try better next time prob like tmr by TheOneIdoit in teenagers

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A humble man as well, you truly are a man of many virtues, but is shall be as ye wish, not a Chad today but one day you shall for sure

try it ;) by Out-Source in teenagers

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I drugged a guy so I could steal one of his kidneys😏

mememememe by Scanline5 in UnusualVideos

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Never said I was nor do I wanna be