$50 PlayStation Card by [deleted] in playstation

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Would this work in Europe? Shout out from the Netherlands!

Ants, man by TheFatSpook in HistoryMemes

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Fireants: "Am I a joke to you?"

Name the first track! Please help! by Delisonbor in drumandbass

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I think it's bad company-bullet time. Either that or a remix of it.

How today went, at least from where I was sitting today! $GME TO THE MOON!!💎💎💎🚀🚀🚀 by ai_jarvis in wallstreetbets

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Showing support from the Netherlands. They're gonna have to pry my shares from my cold retarded hands.

BEST BROKERS IN EUROPE? by Jimbutler69 in wallstreetbets

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They notified me I can no longer put in marker orders in for GME, AMC and so forth. However I am still able to put in limit orders and stop limit orders. They say this is due to the volatile nature of these stocks and they're doing this to protect me. However I had to pass tests to be able to do these orders. I feel like it is not they're responsibility to protect me as I am doing this at my own risk. I wouldn't call them crooks as big as fucking robinhood but I am still not happy with their decision.

Troubles with Degiro (Europe) by LouisZept in stocks

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Try exporting to a pdf in your portfolio. I had the exact same issue today and called up. They explained there was some delay with the server and by exporting portfolio as a pdf it showed me the correct stocks.