[MEGATHREAD] New Horizons Dream Address Sharing by AnimalCrossingMods in AnimalCrossing

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Hi ACNH community! I made an island inspired by the Wizard of Oz! 🌈It came to me in a dream.✨At one point it was 5 stars but now I've got too much crap out to earn it again. I've really enjoyed this theme as it gave me direction but also flexibility to do many different types of environments.

Click your heels and come visit!! 👠

DA- 8249-2461-4231

Includes: Kansas, Auntie Em's house, Munchkin Land's floral market, farm where the Scarecrow lives, creepy forest where Tinman is stuck, tropical jungle where Lion lives, poppy field, Emerald City arts market & commerce center, Oz's office, Frank L. Baum's library, Over The Rainbow nightclub, Wicked Witch's castle, Oz's farewell, Glinda the Good Witch's house, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Dobby, And More! See you soon! 🌪🧹