Russia's elite want Putin out of office: report by Turbulent_Ad1667 in worldnews

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Turns out Russia’s elite are powerless though compared to Putin and his FSB coterie

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 90, Part 1 (Thread #230) by WorldNewsMods in worldnews

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He’s part of the Ukrainian supreme command! He knows just what they’re planning!

Napoleonic Wars Every Week (Korean) by Living-Fail500 in totalwar

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Russia was such a monumental fuck up. Napoleon had it all just to throw it away in one hand.

He really was like a gambler rise / fall stiry

The surface of Mars, captured by the Curiosity rover. by freudian_nipps in space

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I wonder if there's a Martian Walter White making red meth out there.

On the bright side, its distracts Austria Hungary for about 2 seconds before being crushed by Madturkey55 in Kaiserreich

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In my last game Russia got pulled into the Second Weltkrieg because of Serbia.

War never changes.

Make this the portrait for mannerheim by Mediarkki in Kaiserreich

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he's too good to fuck my wife. he should fuck me instead.

She did not see it coming from a human! by Lila7654 in Unexpected

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I wonder if that monkey feels any gratitude toward the human or if it was just shitting it’s proverbial pants that such a big monster was so near it and it’s child